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Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7

It's official, Samsung suspends sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and asks its users to turn off the terminals immediately until further notice about spontaneous fires in the latest version of the Note range.

It already happened with the first shipment of the Galaxy Note 7 and now it's happening again with replacement phones. In an official statement, Samsung warns that they are not only paralyzing production, but also sales.

In Spain it was scheduled to be marketed from 28 October but Samsung has asked operators and specialized stores to desist from sell the device until they can ensure the safety of their customers.

Why is Samsung h alting Note 7 sales?

Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7

A problem with the cells in their batteries seemed to be a problem, they caused the Samsung Note 7 to start working spontaneously when they were carrying out a charge. After several incidents, Samsung asked its customers to turn off their phones and deliver them to authorized stores.

After checking the batteries of the first shipments they put the terminal on sale again with a black dot in the box where it was specified that they were Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements, so they were safe.

Up to 8 cases in a short period of time set off all the alarms since the telephones that began to burn were the replacement ones. The problems came even without using the phone where the most striking case occurred on a plane just before takeoff when a user noticed how his Samsung Note 7 began to heat up until literally exploding without taking any action on it.

Samsung should give up on Galaxy Note 7

Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7
Samsung suspends sales of Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Note 7 is a precariously built phone, delivery times were sped up to be able to get ahead of Apple in its introduction of the iPhone 7and that could be the determining factor for not creating a secure phone.

Some media published the great efforts that engineers, designers or suppliers had to make to have the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ready in record timeand be able to present it in August of this year.

After the initial problems, this Samsung Note 7 began to be the center of attention, the company noticed it in The Stock Market where its shares began to fall, adding the losses due to replacement telephones to their clients, this translates into million-dollar losses.

After trying to quickly solve the problem with spontaneous fires and losing credibility by launching an apparently safe Samsung Note 7 where we have seen that it is not it would be a good time to turn the page and accept defeat to focus on a competitive and safe terminal.

Sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Spain are suspended until further notice following an official statement. The relaunch was scheduled for October 28 where Samsung has just ordered that no terminal be put on sale until they can guarantee the user's safety.

Have you reserved a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? How about Samsung suspending all sales?

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