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Get a Microsoft Windows 10 license for 10 euros
Get a Microsoft Windows 10 license for 10 euros

Rarely can we find offers on Microsoft Windows 10 licenses, in this case we bring you one limited time offer of 10 euros Windows 10 offers many new features of which makes it a really interesting operating system.

Windows 10 has a current price of 135 euros from the official Microsoft website. A license that can be obtained both in digital format and in a physical version on a USB.

The installation process is really simple where Microsoft helps us with the installation of it, but if you can't pay for the license of the official website we show you some alternatives.

How to get a Microsoft Windows license for 10 euros?

Get a Microsoft Windows 10 license for 10 euros
Get a Microsoft Windows 10 license for 10 euros

There are several places where you can find a real Windows 10 license for little money, but the one we show below is practically irresistible (if you don't have any license) but first you should know something about them.

There are two types of Microsoft Windows 10 licenses, OEM and "regular", this means that you have to know well which license is best for your needs.

The OEM version implies that you will have a Microsoft Windows 10 license where you can only install it on one computer, even if you buy a new one it will not this will help you. That is why the Windows 10 license is really cheap, if you do not intend to change your computer it is a good offer.

OEM versions are the ones that usually come pre-installed on the computers we buy in large stores, this includes a recovery partition on in case we want to format our hard disk.

The "normal" versions can be installed on more than one computer,for example, if you later change computers you can install it without any kind of problems. Depending on the needs of each one, it would be interesting to pay a little more so as not to be tied to a single computer.

We remind you that these versions of Microsoft Windows 10 Pro are on sale for a limited time, the version to install on more computers also has a discount quite interesting price.

  1. Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (OEM Version)
  1. Buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (multiple computers)

Which version of Microsoft Windows did you choose?

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