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MásMóvil extends discounts on its MÁS rates
MásMóvil extends discounts on its MÁS rates

MásMovil extends the discounts on its rates offered on Black Friday with up to 7 euros difference in rates without promotion. With this new extension that will last until January 9 we can get really attractive rates.

Specifically the MÁS rate, a rate that we can talk and surf the Internet with a starting price of 16, 90 euros for three months, where they include 3 GB of data and unlimited calls.

They also offer us the possibility of getting a basic smartphone for a single payment of 29.90 euros, that is, up to a 50% discountof its store value. It will also be available until January 9, 2017.

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MásMóvil extends discounts on its MÁS rates
MásMóvil extends discounts on its MÁS rates

With this offer we will have the possibility of contracting a rate that suits our needs. MásMóvil offers us three types of rates, from the lowest to the highest increase, including a offer of fiber or ADSL.

The offer includes three rates, "Mobile Only", 3 GB of data, with unlimited calls for a price of 16, 90 euros during the first 3 months.

Another with the same characteristics but with 8 GB of data at a price of 19.90 euros during the first 3 months and one called "Fiber Only"with 50 MB plus calls for 10 euros per month, plus 19.99 euros of line fee.

In total we would be paying 30 euros for an ADSL or fiber connection of up to 50 MB, the price is not bad at all, but 10 euros can lead to confusion if we don't read the fine print of the line quota.

It should be noted that MásMóvil charges the data used outside the rate in blocks of 100 MB, where each block has a cost of 1.5 euroseach one of them. Although it is limited to a maximum of 9 euros, it must be taken into consideration.

Once this limit is exceeded, the speed will be reduced to 16 kbpps, a speed with which we will even be able to send a WhatsApp.

If we decide to access any of these offers, MásMóvil will give us access to Wuaki Selection, a totally free streaming television service for 3 months and the chance to get a basic smartphone (Alcatel Pixi 4) for a reduced price.

If we are looking to unify our bills, the offer of MásMóvil with mobile rate and internet is an option to consider, remember that you have up to on January 9th to be able to hire her.

What do you think of this MásMóvil offer? Would you hire her?

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