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1 in 10 social media users invents their life
1 in 10 social media users invents their life

Yes, it's a fact, we like to show off on social networks, get a high number of "likes" and interactions With our publications, we are even able to pose nude to attract attention, at least 1 in 10they do it where they also invent their own life on social networks, as stated by Kaspersky.

As a curious fact, men are more likely to upload compromised content, while women are more cautious when posting something on social networks. They would have a hard time uploading pictures of friends or colleagues in committed situations, while men would have no problem.

This can lead to a bad relationship with our friends, since not everyone likes to see themselves drunk on a night out in the eyes of everyone, where all the content that is goes online expands rapidly.

We like to receive "likes" by uploading content

1 in 10 social media users invents their life
1 in 10 social media users invents their life

According to several studies conducted at various universities, we invent an unreal life simply to have personal satisfaction when receiving feedback by our followers or by our friends and family.

We are not happy enough as we appear in the images, at least in the 10% of users who constantly upload them. The digital age is reaching a point where we feel and need to be popular with our environment and outside of them.

We stimulate thinking that content can be very good at the level of expansion and we get frustrated when it does not reach the goal we have set for ourselves, we even look for more "aggressive" content as revenge, compromising our privacy or that of our environment.

9% of men who usually use social networks would have no problem uploading a completely nude image, compared to 5% of women, practically half that of men, but it is still a number anything goes is allowed for many and they are not aware of it.

They are not aware of the true danger that this can be, we see it as something innocent, funny, worth sharing with others other users. The identity and privacy of each one is lost the moment we press the button share

If you feel identified with all this, I'm sorry to tell you that you belong to the 10% of users who invent their lives on social networksto live an unreal life that does not go beyond the screen of your smartphone.

Do you feel identified with that 10%? Have you ever uploaded content that you later regretted? Have you deleted any content from social networks and it was too late? What has been your worst experience?

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