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Chrome won't let you manage plugins easily
Chrome won't let you manage plugins easily

Google is preparing a novelty related to plugins for the next version of its Google Chrome browser. Apparently Chrome won't let users easily manage plugins as it will remove the section where they are currently located.

That is, right now in Chrome 56 you can access to manage browser plugins through a web address easily and simply, but it could get complicated in the next version since that section will no longer be accessible at least in that way.

Avoid browser problems

The decision that Google could make regarding the section on Google Chrome plugins could be logical since some plugins are essential for Chrome works without any problem and disabling any of them could cause problems.

This is possibly the reason why Google Chrome leaves the address chrome://plugins through which it is still accessed still to the management of browser plugins. But apart from that, there would be another cause that would explain why Chrome does not have this section.

Any user who disables a plugin right now in Google Chrome 56 will stop working while the browser is open because when you restart it or open it again, the plugin is active again. It therefore makes sense for the section to be removed since it would no longer be useful to disable plugins since they are activated automatically.

Chrome won't let you manage plugins easily
Chrome won't let you manage plugins easily

However, there are plugins that users may consider unnecessary, such as Chrome's own PDF reader that can be replaced by another and that soon it will not be possible to deactivate through chrome://plugins but from the browser settings.

We will see how this topic ends, although the truth is that it will surely have its detractors as it always happens when a functionality is added or removed from a program, in this case Google Chrome.

What do you think about Google Chrome complicating the way to manage plugins?

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