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WhatsApp States have not been liked by users
WhatsApp States have not been liked by users

It seems that it never rains to everyone's liking and that is what has happened to WhatsApp with its new function ofStates Most users disliked this new feature for various reasons, where they have He reflected his discomfort on Twitter.

Complaints range from the fact that it is an imitation of other applications such as Instagram or Facebook (which was copied from the first one) to the unnecessary way of using this functionality in an instant messaging application.

Another wave of complaints comes about the confusion of the contact book, we no longer have it at a glance when we want to access a chat with a specific person, now you have to perform a series of steps.

Reactions of users when viewing WhatsApp States

The States of WhatsApp have not liked the users
The States of WhatsApp have not liked the users

Complaints have started on Twitter, where it is still in the top "TT" posts. Many of them make fun of the lack of creativity on the part of WhatsApp while they believe that it is somewhat unnecessary for these types of applications.

Security and privacy is another point that is on the lips of many. By default, WhatsApp allows everyone to see your status. Although there are some methods to control privacy, not everyone knows about it.

We cannot remedy the new WhatsApp function with the States, but we can help you control the privacy of the publications or where to find the new contact list.

Where is the address book?

The States of WhatsApp have not liked the users
The States of WhatsApp have not liked the users

The contact list is no longer in its natural position, now it is occupied by a WhatsApp Status icon. This confuses many users when writing a WhatsApp. The phonebook hasn't disappeared, but it's not as easy to access anymore.

We simply have to go to the " Chats" section, select the "New chat icon " and look for our contact. In the first positions we will find the most common, then all the agenda that you thought had disappeared.

Since yesterday users continue to show their discontent with the new WhatsApp function, not everyone likes to show the Statesto all your contacts, but we will have to learn to live with it if we want to continue using WhatsApp

Do you also hate the new WhatsApp feature? What do you think has been the greatest of WhatsApp with this new modality? Do you usually use it?

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