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Apple Store under maintenance, what's new in sight?
Apple Store under maintenance, what's new in sight?

We woke up this morning with a surprise and that is that when we try to open the Apple web page we observe how the page does not load the content is always on since it is in maintenance. Does this mean that there is news to view ?

Usually periodically the Apple Store closes for maintenance but this time it seems to be going another way as it could mean the arrival of new products in the store, which is why the company always “closes” its website as well.

Little information about it

Despite being an announced closure, the truth is that in a few hours we could see some new Apple product, although in this case It wouldn't be the new iPhone but some new iPad model or even some iPhone SE facelift.

For several weeks we have been telling you that Apple could soon introduce new iPad Pro models and possibly some iPhone 7 in a new coloras we already discussed at the beginning of March.

The new iPad Pro that we could see shortly would be at least 4 if the rumors that we know that they would have 7.9 inches are true, 9.7-inch, 10.5-inch and up to 12.9-inch with exciting new features and innovations.

Apple Store in maintenance, what's new in sight?
Apple Store in maintenance, what's new in sight?

As for new iPhones we could see a 128GB model of the iPhone SE or even an iPhone 7 in a new red color. In any case, there is not much more information about it and we just have to wait to see what is behind that closure of the Apple Store.

As we already mentioned, it could be a simple maintenance closure or it could be a closure due to updating the website to include new products in its online catalogue, which as we have said is normal forApple close the web when there is something interesting new.

Do you think the closure of the Apple Store is for maintenance or is there something else?

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