Apple closes the Apple Store again, what's new?
Apple closes the Apple Store again, what's new?

Completely unexpectedly, the Apple Store is closed again When Apple's official online store performs a"maintenance" usually means news is coming, and it is very possible that in the afternoon we will see new products It is difficult know what to expect, although the big news are usually presented at their own event, not after a simple closure of the store on the official Apple website.

It is surprising a new maintenance of the Apple Store today, because it was already closed last Tuesday, and added the new iPhone 7 Product Red and a revision of the iPad 9.7 inches at an affordable price. It's risky to predict what Apple will surprise us with today, but users are letting their imaginations run wild.

At least we are warned that the Apple Store will return from maintenance at 16:01, according to Spanish peninsular time. And the message that appears to explain the closure, when we try to make a purchase, points to some news:

"We have something special prepared for you. We can't wait to show it to you. Starting at 16:01."

The message is displayed in different languages ​​and, if we are patient, we will end up seeing the Spanish version. It should be noted that the closures of the Apple Store are worldwide, both in Spain and in any other country the same maintenance is being carried out.

Apple closes the Apple Store again, what's new?
Apple closes the Apple Store again, what's new?

It has been rumored for some time that Apple could be preparing a complete renewal of the iPad family, so this could be the novelty that awaits us after the closure of the Apple Store today. In any case, it would be strange if an event were not held to present so many new products, the usual thing after an Apple Store maintenance is that only minor renovations appear.

We will have to be patient until 4:01 p.m. to find out what the apple brand is preparing for us. Now we only know that the Apple Store is closed in Spain and worldwide, and that usually means that news are comingAt least we know how long the maintenance will last, and we can keep an eye out for the return of the page.

What do you think of this second closing of the Apple Store of the week? Will bigger surprises await us than last Tuesday when the online store returns?

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