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Mirabook turns your mobile into a computer
Mirabook turns your mobile into a computer

Some companies have started the process of creating platforms and products like Microsoft's Continuum or Samsung's DeX that turns your phone into a computer, but they are not so universal proposals, so the creators of Mirabook have a much more compatible and cheaper idea.

The vast majority of technological predictions for the next decade suggest that the mobile will be the multitasking device par excellence and we will focus all our activities there, from leisure (as we already do) to even all our productivity tools.

The idea is not new, conceptually it is something that is becoming closer to everyone, but the truth is that it is not as universal as it should be and its platforms are somewhat proprietary and made to measure from a manufacturer.

Mirabook's proposal is very similar to what we learned from the patent that Apple recently filed or even that Samsung Dex, about a device with this type of feature, it is a solution that looks like a laptop: screen, keyboard and design, but with a slot or a connection to connect the brain, which in this case is the mobile.

Mirabook turns your mobile into a computer
Mirabook turns your mobile into a computer

The Mirabook is a lot of screen and connectors

The equipment Mirabook would have a 13.3-inch screen with HD resolution and 1920 x 1080 pixels,battery with autonomy of 24 hours according to their manufacturers and with a variety of ports such as USB Type C, USB Type A, HDMI and headphone jack.

Another good news about this initiative is that it has the ability to support a wide variety of desktop interfaces, from Samsung DeX, Microsoft Continuum, Oxi OS, Remix Singularity, Maru OS or Leena OS, it's even compatible with Compute Stick and Raspberry Pi.

Mirabook, which turns your mobile phone into a computer, is not quite a reality yet, as it is currently undergoing a funding campaign on the Indiegogo platformwith the aim of raising more than 45 thousand euros. He still has an additional month to reach the figure. The companies have set the price at around 169 euros per unit and plan to start shipping in December of this year.

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