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Google Assistant is now available in Spanish
Google Assistant is now available in Spanish

Probably Android users and mobiles exceed several billion, and of that immense number a third must be in Spanish, so after the announcement of the Mountain View virtual assistant last May, the market I was waiting for the arrival of Google Assistant in Spanish, a step that is already official and is part of the Google Allo application for both iOS and Android.

This new version of Google Assistant in Spanish is a tool that comes to fight in a field in which other services such as Microsoft's Cortana or Apple's Siri have already traveled a path, in fact Microsoft's service has received support in Spanish for a few months on both mobile phones and computers.

In the case of Google, they have incorporated the learning tools of machine learning and artificial intelligence that are part of their original version in English, so to the extent that the assistant is used it will go knowing the needs and preferences of its user.

Using Google Assistant in Spanish

Google took on the task of taking from one language to another all the functions that its virtual assistant may be able to execute, that is to say that from Google Allo can be invoked to perform daily activities, simply by typing @google in any conversation and asking it any question without the need to switch apps.

From addresses, weather conditions, calendar, calls, alarms… there are many possibilities offered by this service in all its available languages.

Google Assistant is now available in Spanish
Google Assistant is now available in Spanish

One of the main abilities of Google Assistant is to offer answers of interest, which can be associated with questions about sports knowledge, for example, the name of a soccer team, or also the origin of a fruit or a cymbal.

If you're young and fun, you'll surely want to get the most out of Google Assistant in that sense, so leisure is an important part of that serviceThus, users can share jokes and request online games to pass the time that the virtual assistant will show them, from a traditional Pac-Man, to something more for the Millennial generation such as “Emoji Party”.

Finally, Google Assistant in Spanishl is still the ideal companion for productivity, so it will be very easy to program meetings and appointments, arrange business trips, manage schedules and telephone lists, also from the Google Allo application itself.

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