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Apple would introduce 3 new MacBooks in June
Apple would introduce 3 new MacBooks in June

In a month the Apple WWDC 2017 conference will be held, a space that is regularly dedicated to software and applications, but this time it will be the right place for those of the bitten apple to present their 3 new MacBooks.

Apple's strategy and its 3 new MacBooks is clear,they are the answer to Microsoft and the Surface, so after almost three years without announcing hardware at WWDC venture again to surprise their users and the press in general.

What Apple is preparing with the 3 new MacBooks

The new MacBook Pro would come with a new processor developed by Intel. This is the Kaby Lake, a much more powerful chip that also has native support for H.265 content, which is essential so that the battery is not impacted when playing with this codec.

Apple would introduce 3 new MacBooks in June
Apple would introduce 3 new MacBooks in June

A new 12-inch MacBook could also be announced that would include a new processor that has more power. It is not ruled out that it will enter The announcements include the renewal of the 13-inch MacBook Air, as the market itself continues to demand this model.

No surprises are expected in the design of the new MacBook, since Apple's efforts would be focused on updating internal hardware, including the development of a new low-energy consumption proprietary processor, although it is not known if it will be present in any of the new computers.

This decision by Apple must also reflect the fact that the Mac family is responsible for 11 percent of the company's revenue, which closed at 216 billion dollars in 2016.

Rumors about the 3 new MacBook from Apple come very close to the announcement of the previous MacBook Pro that took about a year and a half to renewed and seven years since the MacBook Air was redesigned, which undoubtedly gave way to other computers such as the Microsoft Surface.

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