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Honor 9 is now official in Europe: price and availability
Honor 9 is now official in Europe: price and availability

At a time when high-end smartphones continue to rise in price, the Honor 9 has just been introduced, to show that a premium phone can be created at a relatively reasonable price. The Honor 9 has officially arrived in Europe, and we are going to know all the details of this new smartphone, including its price and availability

The Honor 9 has put a lot of effort into its dual camera, as it is the feature that really sets the leading terminals apart. It has opted for a dual camera, as the brand's most recent models have already done. A primary 12 MP color sensor takes photos, and a secondary 20 MP monochrome sensor supports it, enabling high-quality captures in low-light environments, and advanced effects such as bokeh.

Of course, the Honor 9 is a high-end terminalin all aspects, thanks to the Kirin 960 processor inside, accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. There is no lack of a generous 3,200 mAh battery, and in command of everything is EMUI 5.1, the improved version of Android, and which is based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

An important detail of the screen of the Honor 9 is that it stays at a reasonable 5, 15 inches Considering that current smartphones do not stop growing, the Honor 9 represents a great alternative for those who want an advanced terminal of a size that does not skyrocket.

Honor 9 is now official in Europe: price and availability
Honor 9 is now official in Europe: price and availability

Honor 9, data sheet

Honor is a brand that is always committed to good value for money. Being part of the Huawei group, it is able to offer top-tier hardware at competitive prices. Let's take a look at the Honor 9 specifications to know the best:

  1. Display: 5.15-inch Full HD IPS.
  2. Processor: Kirin 960 64-bit, 8-core up to 2.4 GHz.
  3. RAM: 4 GB (LPDDR4 memory).
  4. Storage: 64 GB (with microSD slot).
  5. Main camera: dual 12 MP (RGB) + 20 MP (monochrome) with 2X hybrid zoom.
  6. Front camera: 8 MP f/2, 0.
  7. Connectivity: 4G dual SIM, dual-band Wi-Fi ac and infrared emitter.
  8. Ports and sensors: USB Type-C connector and front fingerprint reader.
  9. Autonomy: 3,200 mAh battery (supports fast charging).
  10. Software: EMUI 5.1 based on Android 7.0 Nougat.

Excellent sound thanks and collaboration with Monster

The sound of the Honor 9 has been taken care of, with a carefully tuned equalizer and 3D sound. To get the most out of it, optional headphones developed in collaboration with the Monster audio company will be offered. This is the look of the Honor Monster:

Honor 9 is now official in Europe: price and availability alt=

The price of the Honor Monster is 49.90 euros, but some Bluetooth sports headphones will also be sold. With a casual style, resistance to sweat and up to 11 hours of autonomy, the Honor Sport Bluetooth are a good complement to the Honor 9.

They can be purchased at a price of 69, 90 euros, and the truth is that they are very striking. This is what the Honor Sport Bluetooth looks like:

Honor 9, availability and price

The Honor 9 opts for elegant 3D glass and metal finishes, with curves that fit well in the hand. At its official launch in Europe we will enjoy versions in grey/silver and light blue. Elegant colours, but with an original touch, confirming that Honor is aimed above all at young audiences.

The Honor 9 is drawn as a tough rival to the recent OnePlus 5, since they compete in a similar price range. The strengths of the Honor 9 are high-quality camera, and the trust that comes from a brand that depends on a giant like Huawei.

The Honor 9 is now available at vMall, the brand's online store, for a price of449 euros , and includes the new Honor Band 3 quantifying bracelet as a gift. In July it will reach online stores, physical stores, and operators.

What do you think of the Honor 9? Are you convinced by the new premium smartphone that has just arrived in Europe?

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