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3 iPhone 8 concepts that reveal its future design
3 iPhone 8 concepts that reveal its future design

The imagination of those who faithfully follow technology can run wild, so much so that some of them could create these concepts for iPhone 8 keep some relationship with what will really happen with the next Apple mobile.

In all three concepts we will see an element that coincides and that is the arrangement of the cameras, so everything seems to point to the fact that Apple would place a double sensor on the back in portrait format.

An iPhone 8 with a retro design


The previous video reveals a very particular design of the iPhone 8, in which you can see the camera vertically mentioned above, with the flash at the end of that line. This version reveals that Touch ID would be integrated into the bottom of the screen and the Home button would disappear permanently.

The retro design is because it would be greatly inspired by the iPhone 4, with a metal frame that encloses two covers, the front one with the screen and the back, both with glass. You can see things like a screen with very small screen frames and very curved edges.

A concept that does include Touch ID

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This image shows a possible iPhone 8 with Touch ID that would be on the back of the phone just below the logo of the signature, which also comes in a glossy appearance and in three available colors: gold, glossy black and silver.

Old School iPhone 8

This is perhaps an early iPhone 8 concept that was revealed earlier this year. He was the first to point out that Apple could go back a few generations and take design elements from the iPhone 4, with a metal frame, double glass, but this design also insists on the disappearance of a physical Touch ID and would be replaced by a sensor under the the screen.

In this model you can also observe the double camera vertically, it is also observed that it could have wireless charging and the name by which it bets would be iPhone X.

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