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PlayStation 4 receives the HBO Spain app
PlayStation 4 receives the HBO Spain app

Officially PlayStation 4 receives the HBO Spain app, so this platform is now being placed on a par with other streaming services in the country. We recently learned about the app for Samsung Smart TVs, the turn now is for the PlayStation 4 application that will allow, among many things, to do a Game of Thrones marathon.

Among the inconveniences that HBO Spain users echoed the most was the lack of apps dedicated to the main devices used the most in the country, such as smart TVs and game consoles. Netflix has already come a long way in this regard and users have given it their recognition mainly due to the absence of good competitors.

HBO Spain has been able to manage and give clear responses to customer complaints, materializing in actions to satisfy their needs and this new app on PlayStation 4 is one of ours.

PlayStation 4 receives the HBO Spain app
PlayStation 4 receives the HBO Spain app

New HBO Spain app for PS4

The agreement between Sony Spain and HBO Spain reveals the existence of the app for PlayStation 4 which will be available from now on to all users from the game console. Like all the versions on the different platforms, this application allows access to all streaming video content such as Westworld, Silicon Valley, The Wire and even some classics like The Sopranos.

To use HBO Spain on PlayStation 4 you must pay the same monthly subscription price of 7.99 euros and for new users there is a free month promotion. For this monthly cost you can access HD content on up to five devices and access simultaneously from two of them.

Now that PlayStation 4 receives the HBO Spain app, a new alternative is added to the devices and platforms on which you can enjoy this streaming content like Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers; Android 4 and later phones; iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 8 and later; Samsung Smart TV 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016; Chromecast; Apple TV, Vodafone TV.

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