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IPhone 7s would return to glass finishes
IPhone 7s would return to glass finishes

As the date of the announcement of the iPhone 8 approaches, the rumors about this terminal and its companions increase, which in this case is that the iPhone 7s would return to glass finishes, something that can only be confirmed when it is announced soon.

We are in the year of the 10th anniversary of iPhone and Apple is expected to prepare important things for its iconic phone, for example in the The iPhone 7s case is expected to incorporate some features that might have been lost along the way, such as the 2.5D glass that comes from the iPhone 4 and that adds elegance to the terminal.

In the rest of the design all the elements that come from the iPhone 7 would be noted, although the rear lines of the antennas would go away, as the glass prevents those lines from being used.

Aluminum bezels

iPhone 7s would return to glass finishes
iPhone 7s would return to glass finishes

Another element that would be added to the new iPhone 7s are some polished aluminum bezels that would also be a legacy of their ancestors, however This is not the mobile with which Apple will celebrate 10 years, because the iPhone 8 is expected, but it does add the spirit of memory of history to this device.

However no major changes are expected in performance for this mobile, some reports ensure that the processor and memory would not be affected or modified, but would add more battery and the changes would be on the screen.

Also some filtered images are observed about this terminal that would have a double rear camera and LED flash. A rumor that gains strength It is that this mobile would also be waterproof and would even increase its certification to IP68 instead of IP67 as the iPhone 7 has.

For now, aside from the iPhone 7s returning to glass finishes, there isn't much more information about this device.

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