WhatsApp will allow you to easily reply to messages
WhatsApp will allow you to easily reply to messages

New utilities are yet to arrive to WhatsApp, some more important than others, although in this case it is a very interesting little detail. Soon WhatsApp will allow you to answer messages easily and faster.

Seen in the new beta version of WhatsApp, it is a simple possibility that will allow any user to respond more comfortably to a message from the conversation, as we know from WABetaInfo.

The truth is that more than a novelty, it is a way to perform an action faster and easier for the user that already existed in WhatsApp for a long time. We are talking about the “reply” or “responder” utility.

This icon that is found within the conversation itself appears when you make a long press on a specific message to reply to it, this being what is improved with this new way of working.

Until now to respond to a specific message you had to press it and click on the icon as we already mentioned, but in the new beta WhatsApp and later we assume that in the stable version, you just have to press it and write directly.

WhatsApp will allow you to easily reply to messages
WhatsApp will allow you to easily reply to messages

Therefore we save steps since just by making that long press you can write directly to respond to that message from the user, a utility especially useful especially in WhatsApp groups when many people speak and you need to respond to what the contacts write.

It is to be assumed that the utility reaches stable WhatsApp, although at the moment it is in the testing phase in the beta version. We don't know when it will become available to everyone, but presumably it will be soon.

Functionalities as important as the deletion of messages or the WhatsApp stickersof which we have already spoken to you on more than one occasion, utilities that although we already know how they work are not yet available.

If you want to take advantage of this improvement by which WhatsApp allows you to reply to messages in an easier and faster way, join the beta program of Google Play to install WhatsApp 2.17.316, the latest version of the app right now.

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