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Pixelbook would be Google's new premium laptop
Pixelbook would be Google's new premium laptop

The date when Google will show us its new products is approaching, but that means that more information leaks and more rumors make us imagine what they will be like. For example, we already know that the Pixel 2 will not be alone, as the smartphone will be accompanied by the Pixelbook, which would be the new laptop premium from Google.

On October 4, in addition to unveiling the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL mobiles, Google will present the Pixelbook, which represents a return to Google laptops in the high-end segment.

The leak reveals that the Pixelbook will have an aluminum design,touch screen and convertible format. A novelty will be the Pixelbook Pen, a stylus that can be used as a tablet.

This new Chromebook would have three options:

  1. 128GB for $1,199
  2. 256GB for $1,399
  3. 512GB for $1,749

Google Pixelbook Pen

The Google Pixelbook Pen would be another element to present. Google's stylus would be sensitive to pressure, with support to recognize tilt and without any lag or delay in response to strokes.

Pixelbook would be the new premium laptop from Google
Pixelbook would be the new premium laptop from Google

The bad news is that, apparently, the price of the Pixelbook would not include the Pixelbook Pen,but would be sold separately at priced at $99.

Google Home Mini

A smaller version of Google Home, called Google Home Mini, would also be among the new devices that the company will present within two weeks. The smart speaker would be powered by Assistant, which would help with information queries and to activate home functions.

The device would be an obvious alternative to Amazon's Echo Dot and would be priced at $49, while its bigger brother, the Google Home, is priced at $129. According to the rumor there will be three colors to choose from.

Google Daydream VR

Google doesn't forget virtual reality. Therefore, it is also believed that it will include the Daydream VR virtual reality glasses, with two new colors, made of nylon for greater durability. The leak indicates that the price will rise from $79 to $99, but it is not known if the increase is due to any additional features.

Which of these devices will be official on October 4? Yes, we also want everyone to be, about the Pixelbook being Google's new premium laptop.

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