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Uber and Cabify will be free on September 26
Uber and Cabify will be free on September 26

Mobility on demand and from point to point in cities has been a matter of taxis until relatively recently. The paradigm changed after the arrival of Uber and Cabify and now, the VTC employers (type of license under which they operate) Unauto, wants you to tryFree both platforms on September 26

Despite the ongoing struggles between the taxi and car rental sectors, it seems that they are condemned to live together in peace and harmony. As in other cities worldwide where both services operate.

The employers of Uber and Cabify want you to try the service

The date chosen to provide the free service was no coincidence, September 26 is only 2 days before the Council of Ministers approves (presumably) the Royal Decree Law that aims to regulate VTC licenses.

Uber and Cabify will be free on September 26
Uber and Cabify will be free on September 26

In this way they will have a renewed law to comply with and continue providing the service. In a statement issued by Unauto itself, it informs that the service will be free from 10 in the morning of the 26th to 10 at night of the same day and from uninterrupted manner.

You must request the trip as usual, you must have the application installed and request or reserve your vehicle through that means. The trips in both Cabify and Uber will be, therefore, free that day 26There will be a limit of one free ride per person. What is not clear is whether it is one on each platform or is counted on both.

The sector of 750 million euros

The VTC licenses and the entire platform behind it represent an income for public coffers of some 750 million euros per year. A piece of the pie too big to go unnoticed.

The potential for job creation also seems to be one of the fundamental pillars. The VTC sector currently has some 15,000 drivers in Spain which, in the words of Unauto, means the transport of 6 million passengers per day According to the employers' association itself, the VTC sector can reach 25,000 new jobs in the next two years.

Uber and Cabify will be free on September 26
Uber and Cabify will be free on September 26

The Government will transfer with the next Royal Decree Law to the autonomous communities the power to legislate about the ratio of taxi and VTC licenses. Currently in Spain, there is a ratio of 1 VTC for 6 taxis and it is intended to get the ratio 1 VTC for 30 taxis

Unauto has already announced that it will resort to the CNMC (National Commission for Markets and Competition) and the European Union for this new regulation. But we, ordinary users, on September 26 we will be able to enjoy free trips from Uber and Cabify wherever they operate.

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