Crash Bandicoot Mobile, the game for Android and iOS
Crash Bandicoot Mobile, the game for Android and iOS

It looks like a new game is coming soon to Android and iOS. It has been leaked that the game Crash Bandicoot will return to smartphones as an endless runner according to some images that reveal that its launch will take place in a very short time.

Crash Bandicoot is a game that has many years behind it, in fact, it was born in 1996 and was one of the first games to appear for the first Sony PlayStationfor those times. In a very short time it became very popular.

Over the past few years, different series of the game have appeared and very recently remastered versions of Crash Bandicoot were released for Xbox and PlayStation 4that allowed us to recover the nostalgia of the game on the most modern consoles.

Now it seems that it will go one step further and could soon reach Android and iOS mobiles. This important piece of information is known due to a leak discovered by mistake of a Facebook Brazil ad with images of the game.

The person responsible for developing the version of Crash Bandicoot for smartphones would be the giant King, the company that launched the successful Candy Crush, among other games. Its release has not yet been confirmed, although it could take a while.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile, the game for Android and iOS
Crash Bandicoot Mobile, the game for Android and iOS

What we would see in this Crash Bandicoot would not be far from what we have seen on other platforms, it would be a endless runner where the character would advancewhose goal is to collect as many apples as possible by overcoming all obstacles.

Crash would progress through the game and allow the user to perform jump and swipe actions when necessary to get the highest score possible in each of the available levels, a figure that is still unknown as well.

The leaked images do not reveal much more, but if there is one of them that reveals an interesting detail, it seems that a kind of base or personalized place can be created with different objects than the character ofCrash Bandicoot He collects through the different levels of the game.

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