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Chrome reaches 1.4 TB of RAM
Chrome reaches 1.4 TB of RAM

The Chrome browser is known for its voracity when it comes to consuming RAM memory, but what you probably don't imagine is that it's such a big deal. You are wrong because Chrome is capable of consuming up to 1.4 TB of RAM by opening 6,000 tabs.

If there is one parameter that the developers of Chrome have always tried to improve, that is the use of RAM that the browser makes However, it has not always been possible, although they have improved a lot in recent years and the "spending" is now more affordable.

But there is a user on Twitter named Jonathan Morrison who wanted to put Chrome to the limit to see how far he would go and the truth is that the result surprises anyone, not only because of the conclusion itself, but also because of the equipment used to perform the test.

6,000 tabs on a Mac Pro

Opening 6,000 tabs in Chrome is quite a challenge, but it is not impossible, although it is within the reach of very few usersbecause they would need to have a powerful computer with a large amount of RAM so that the browser could open that huge amount of websites.

What is clear is that the more tabs you open in Chrome, the more RAM it will consume, it is logical and on your PC there will come a time when you will not be able to open more. But Jonathan Morrison has a very powerful computer, specifically a Mac Pro with lots of RAM.

His adventure began little by little, so he was opening websites in Chrome to see how much the expense was at certain times. Started with a consumption of 75 GB of RAM, later going to 127 GB, 170 GB, 857 GB and higher numbers.

Chrome reaches 1.4 TB of RAM
Chrome reaches 1.4 TB of RAM

It got to the point that the RAM consumption panel on his Mac Pro was telling him that there was a wasting 1.4 TB of memory, an astronomical figure that shows that Chrome has no limit. That number would have easily increased if this user had continued to open more tabs.

There is something to take into account, we do not know which websites have been opened so that RAM consumption has skyrocketed to that figure, but it is most likely that it is not exactly simple websites, what It is logical that they be pages that contain different multimedia elements

In any case, it's still an amazing anecdote because no one is going to open 6,000 tabs in Chrome, both out of necessity and out of possibility, since practically all users do not have a computer as powerful as this one with so much RAM.

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