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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price

We are in the first Samsung Unpacked of the year 2020 and they have already launched the new Galaxy S20 range, and now it is the turn of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We know its characteristics and the price with which it will enter the folding mobile market.

The Galaxy Z Flip has been stomping and it does so after the fine-tuning of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A smartphone that went on the market surrounded by lights and shadows, but that it knew how to handle properly.

Now, the new generation of Samsung's foldable phones is making its way as, perhaps, they themselves would not have imagined. They launch the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip surrounded by expectation, and it is not for less, since folding mobile phones are becoming commonplace and in some cases a window for some brands, since by launching certain models, they gain a reputation in the market as it happened with the Motorola Razr.

The most curious thing of all is that the Motorola model is very similar to the Galaxy Z Flip that is officially born today.

Leaving similarities and coincidences aside, let's start with the technical characteristics of Samsung's new foldable mobile.

Galaxy Z Flip Tech Specs

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price
  1. Screen: 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED, with FHD+ resolution This is with respect to the main screen (the one that goes inside when the terminal is unfolded), but there is another screen on the outside and it will be 1.6-inch AMOLED.
  2. Processor: Snapdragon 855.
  3. RAM memory: 8 GB.
  4. Internal storage: 256 GB.
  5. Rear camera: 12 MP 123 degree wide angle with 1.8 focal length + 12 MP with 2.2 focal length.
  6. Front camera: 10 MP with 2.4 focal length and 80 degree vision, embedded in the screen.
  7. Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, 4G, NFC and WiFi 6.
  8. Ports and sensors: USB C and fingerprint reader on the side.
  9. Battery: 3,300 mAh with 15W charging and wireless charging.
  10. Operating system: Android 10.

The touch panel of the Z Flip has an ultra-thin glass for protection The screen on the outside will only serve to see notifications, calls and the hour. Regarding the interior screen, we hope that it does not have problems, as it did with the previous model.

We see that the battery is somewhat short for a mobile that has to make the effort to power two screens and that when it is unfolded it has a 6.7-inch panelIn addition, it does not have a very high fast charge, but a rather normal 18W charge, but it does have wireless charging.

The measurements and weight of the terminal are: 73, 6 x 87, 4 x 17, 3 (folded) and 73, 6 x 167, 3 x 7, 2 mm (unfolded), with 183 gr weight. It is clear that the Galaxy Z Flip is a very elongated phone, so its use with one hand can become somewhat awkward.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price

The fingerprint reader is housed on the right side of the device, specifically in the upper frame.

Little is known about the sound, beyond the speaker that it incorporates, but until we check the audio quality in a review, we can say little else. We can say the same about the cameras, which should be added, that the selfie camera (the one embedded in the interior screen) allows facial unlocking

It is a foldable mobile, that is already known, but what was not expected was that it would continue the footprint left by his brother, the Galaxy Fold. We say this because the terminal does not close completely, but rather a small gap is maintained in the bending curve.

The Galaxy Z Flip allows eSIM and Nano SIM, and is compatible with Samsung Pay, thanks to the NFC included in the terminal.

This eye-catching clamshell mobile will come in two colors, black and purple, as shown at the launch event that is taking place in San Francisco.

Galaxy Z Flip, price and availability

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: technical characteristics and price

Of course Samsung does not make this type of mobile with the idea of ​​democratizing the most innovative technology on the market, but for exclusive audiences and that is that this "small" folding smartphone will be on sale February 14 at a price of $1,380.

The currency exchange marks a price in euros similar to other high-end mobiles on the market. In other words, the Galaxy Z Flip will cost around €1,500.

Inside the terminal box there will be a USB cable, the charger, the AKG headphones (with USB connector), the plug to open the SIM card tray, an OTG connector cable, a protective case, and the getting started and warranty guides.

There will also be a special version of the Galaxy Z Flip in collaboration with Thom Browne (€1,549), with a very classic style where we will find an identical edition in the Galaxy Buds+ and the smartwatchThe Galaxy Z Flip officially joins the S20 range where we see the S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra that have seen the light of day today and that they are expected to be well received.

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