Nokia will not attend MWC 2020
Nokia will not attend MWC 2020

Nokia takes a step back and joins the list of more than 30 companies that have decided not to go to MWC 2020, among which are Intel, Asus, Vivo, Amazon, TCL, Sony, LG, ZTE, etc. and all because of the social alarm that has been created around the coronavirus and the fact of being exposed to it in a massive event.

The risk of contagion is high if we are in the country of origin of the virus, or in direct contact with someone affected by the coronavirus. The WHO has already launched the global alert, and the main brands that make up the MWC have waited until the last minute to reduce their presence at the telephone fair, or not at all put in an appearance.

It is known that on Friday, February 14, the organization of the MWC, that is, the GSMA, is going to meet to assess the current and real situation, outside of alarmism and psychosis due to the coronavirus, and to raise or either higher security measures or determine the postponement of the fair, and ultimately, the cancellation of MWC 2020.

The cancellation means for Barcelona, ​​and Spain, not earning close to 500 million euros, so today there are companies that remain firm in their position and fight for the MWC to continue in the scheduled date, that is, from February 24 to 27, 2020.

Continuing with the companies that have withdrawn from the telecommunications fair due to the coronavirus, we have said that they are LG, ZTE, Sony, Amazon, Intel, UMIDIGI, TCL, etc. But today, and through an official statement, Nokia joins.

Nokia will not attend MWC 2020
Nokia will not attend MWC 2020

Nokia communicates that they have made this decision based on a complete assessment of the situation and the risks involved in exposing companies, employees, customers, and others to possible contagion of the coronavirus.

As indicated in the official statement "Primary focus has been to safeguard the he alth and well-being of employees and others while also recognizing responsibility to the industry and customers", they wantto safeguard the he alth and well-being of its employees and the rest of the fair participants.

It is a considered decision and the same maneuver that other companies have followed that will not go to MWC 2020 either. At least, in the case of other companies, what they have done has been to cancel the conference, but they maintain your booth. Nokia has decided to cut its losses, and directly withdraws and will not make an appearance.

Thus, after a thorough evaluation of the current situation and reaching a consensus with the GSMA, Nokia also falls from the list of attendees at MWC 2020 due to the coronavirus. At the end of the press release, it informs that instead of being in Barcelona and doing everything they had planned, will hold "Nokia Live" events where they will make the appropriate presentations and demonstrations of their products.

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