Galaxy Buds+, Samsung's new wireless headphones
Galaxy Buds+, Samsung's new wireless headphones

Important day for Samsung, probably one of the most important of 2020. It continues to present new products and now it has just shown the new Galaxy Buds+, a renewed version of its wireless headphones where the increase in battery stands out

We know them along with the new Samsung Galaxy S20 and also the new generation of the Samsung folding phone, the Galaxy Z Flip. It is one of the essential accessories and with better compatibility with the new family of mobile devices.

At the design level there is practically no difference, which would make anyone who has these Galaxy Buds+ and the original Galaxy Buds in each of their hands would have a very difficult time which would be the new generation and which of them would be the previous version.

Therefore, it will be difficult to distinguish them with the naked eye. Another thing is the internal improvements that Samsung has added to these new Galaxy Buds+, which makes these headphones a vitaminized version of their predecessors, with new features quite attractive.

Galaxy Buds+, Samsung's new wireless headphones
Galaxy Buds+, Samsung's new wireless headphones

The most striking novelty is the increase in its battery, now Galaxy Buds+ will have greater autonomy so that users can enjoy during more time of music, videos, movies and other content without the need to carry out a new recharge.

The battery increases in capacity and now equips 85 mAh each one of them, which would be equivalent to an autonomy of approximately 12 hours listening music. Likewise, when it had to be charged, there would be the possibility of doing it wirelessly or via USB.

There is no lack of fast charging that will allow you to enjoy more listening time with a short charging time. For example, with a charge of just 3 minutes you will have 1 hour more of music playback, much more than the Galaxy Buds.

It would be done through the Galaxy Buds+ storage case, which also works as a charging place for the headphones and now has a capacity of 270 mAhto charge them several times, which increases the autonomy of the headphones for several more hours.

Also, the sound quality is improved, a new microphone is incorporated and there will be more availability of colors (black, white and blue), so there will be more versions to choose from. The rest of the features will not change and would remain on the Galaxy Buds+.

We also have noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and the compatibility with iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc.). It will be good for you to know that they also have IPX2 protection, they will be a little heavier than the Galaxy Buds and obviously a little more expensive.

Specifically the Galaxy Buds+ have a price of 149 dollars, which would be equivalent to approximately 136 euros if we make the change to our currency, although upon arrival in Spain they could have a higher cost, something that will have to be seen.

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