Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled
Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled

GSMA has decided to cancel the Mobile World Congress 2020 that would take place in Barcelona from February 24 to 27, 2020. It was supposed to This meeting was scheduled for Friday, February 14, but given the urgency of the situation, it has been brought forward to today.

In that meeting, various more armored security measures than those already taken into account have been put on the table, the option of postponing the fair has also been considered, but finally it has been decided to cut for good and MWC 2020 is cancelled.

The decision is fixed, and this is what the GSMA has pronounced through an official statement written by John Hoffman (CEO of the GSMA) where he recounts the sad decision. This would be how the organizer of the international telecommunications fair lowers the curtain on one of the key showcases for hundreds of technology companies.

Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled
Mobile World Congress 2020 canceled

The GSMA committee is made up of 26 companies from different fields of telecommunications, so at this meeting they have put on the table all the pros and cons of both canceling and moving forward.

There has been a lot of pressure that the GSMA has received on the MWC, both from the cancellation side, with all the casu alties that we have been seeing in recent days such as Sony, LG, ZTE, Amazon, Intel, Nokia, TCL, etc. and from the side that supports the continuation of the event.

The pressures are high because the stakes are high, not just money, but he alth and people. Companies make the decision to withdraw from the MWC to to safeguard the he alth of their employees and all MWC attendees, and because there is also the fear of going and suffering contagion, and later, the company's image could be damaged.

But damage aside, the GSMA's decision has been made as a result of the situation that has been created around the coronavirus and the fear of attending events where there are large crowds of people.

The social alarm went off as soon as the big companies got off the Mobile World Congress sign, but the coronavirus not only affects the MWC, but also fashion shows, football matches, F1 competitions and other events where, as we say, there are large crowds of people.

Fear has carved a niche for itself in society, and between this and the exhaustive assessment of the situation that has been made to the GSMA, advised by the WHO, it has come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is cancel MWC 2020.

The statement closes by saying that will return for the 2021 Mobile World Congress, as well as future editions of the technology fair, and that now condolences go out to the victims in China and around the world.

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