Coronavirus: Google publishes an interactive map
Coronavirus: Google publishes an interactive map

The coronavirus is a virus that generally only affects animals, but in this case it already has several deaths in humans. Now an interactive map from Google Maps allows you to locate where the virus is spreading.

2019-nCoV is the scientific name of the new virus that was first detected in the city of Wuhan in China. But this virus is a successor to a serious virus known as SARS-CoV or MERS-CoV. Both cause serious respiratory illnesses and deaths.

What is not yet clear is how this animal virus spreads to humans, it is believed to be mainly through contact with affected animals. In addition, it is still completely unknown how it can affect humans.

Coronavirus symptoms include cough, sore throat, severe shortness of breath, etc. It can even lead to pneumonia, kidney failure, and ultimately death.

The coronavirus is not highly contagious, but there is a high probability of contagion between people. So much so that currently in China there are millions of people isolated and unable to leave the country The virus has crossed borders, even reaching Europe, the Middle East, the United States United, etc.

Furthermore, the seriousness of the matter is that there is no treatment for this virus in humans. This triggers alarms and increases the chances of death. All that exists are treatments to control your symptoms.

Going back to the interactive map provided by Google Maps technology and created by a user named Fernando Caballero, we can see the terrestrial globe and a series of legends to the left that correspond to the symbols that "decorate" the map.

Coronavirus: Google publishes an interactive map
Coronavirus: Google publishes an interactive map

If we click on each symbol, we can expand information and find out in which area of ​​the country this new case of coronavirus is located.

This user created the map on January 22 to visually report the spread of the coronavirus. The interactive map is checked against various official sources of information and is updated every time something new arises, after checking the data.

On this map you can follow it practically live and see in which areas there are new cases, where, unfortunately, someone has died from cause of the coronavirus, what cases have been ruled out, where infected people have been confirmed, where there are suspicions of contagion, etc.

One way or another, with this interactive map we will keep ourselves informed of the seriousness of the matter and as advice, we should avoid traveling to areas where there are large numbers of people affected by the coronavirus.

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