Vodafone will not go to MWC 2020
Vodafone will not go to MWC 2020

Vodafone is the next telecommunications operator that has decided to cancel its attendance at Mobile World Congress 2020of Barcelona that will be held at the end of this month of February, thus joining many other companies that have confirmed that they will not go.

It was the company itself through a brief statement on its official Twitter profile where it details why it is withdrawing this year of the MWC 2020, alluding to the coronavirus and the recommendations provided by the World He alth Organization (WHO).

The decision implies suspending its presence at MWC 2020 to guarantee the he alth of its employees and other people involved, a measure that it shares with all the companies that have also confirmed that they will not go to the technology fair either.

Vodafone thus joins a long list that could continue to grow over the next few hours. A few hours ago we learned that HDM Global (Nokia) will not attend MWC 2020, but neither will Intel, MediaTek, Cisco, Vivo and others many others.

Vodafone will not go to MWC 2020
Vodafone will not go to MWC 2020

Of course, for the moment the big Chinese companies such as Huawei, Xiaomi and even Samsung have not spoken out, but they could do so in the course of the next few hours, because now The GSMA, the organizing entity, is meeting to make a decision.

What is that decision? There are none yet, but there are two possibilities, that the Mobile World Congress 2020 is definitively canceled or that it be postponed for a few months, although the first option would be the most feasible and logical in this situation.

Although there is no official news in this regard, the fact that the meeting that was scheduled for next Friday has been urgently brought forward today Wednesday, provides foreshadowing a cancellation of event.

Although Vodafone has already confirmed that it will not go to MWC 2020, probably other operators such as Movistar and Orange, among others, will do the same Coming soon if the fair is finally canceled permanently. In any case, we will be attentive to events.

What do you think about Vodafone confirming that it will not go to MWC 2020?

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