Facebook will add tabs to your timeline
Facebook will add tabs to your timeline

Facebook works on a new timeline design ("Noticias" in Spanish) that would include a organization in three tabs One of them will be dedicated to the content that Facebook considers most relevant, another will organize the publications in chronological order and the last one will collect posts that we have already seen.

Actually, these three options are already available on Facebook, and the news is that they will be more visible thanks to the tabs that will be added to the mobile applicationFor now the function is not finished, but we can already get an idea of ​​how it works.

Thanks to Jane Manchun Wong, an engineer who has filtered many news by analyzing the internal code of the apps, we have images of the redesign of Facebook:

Facebook will add tabs to your timeline
Facebook will add tabs to your timeline

At least if Facebook doesn't change its plans, these are the three tabs that will appear in the News section of your Android and iOS app:

  1. Relevant: What the Facebook algorithm thinks we will be interested in, based on our use of the app.
  2. Recent: Recent posts are prioritized, even if the algorithm does not consider them as relevant.
  3. Seen: content that we have seen in the past, and that in this tab will be easier to locate again.

By default, the that will appear first in the app will be the relevant content chosen by Facebook, but it will be easier to switch to the other tabs. Now that the new design of Facebook is reaching everyone, it seems that the social network wants to continue with the improvements in its interface.

One of the big problems with Facebook is how complex it can be to locate all its menus and options. Adding these tabs, while cluttering up the interface, will provide better organization, especially when finding an old post, which is currently difficult.

As always in these cases, we cannot assume that the tabbed interface will end up being officially released. Facebook is very fond of testing its new features with small groups of users before deciding if a feature is worth it.

Although Facebook is working on projects as big as its own operating system, small tweaks to the social network are also important, and the new Facebook tabs will make it easier to use the mobile app, especially for the less tech-savvy.

What do you think about Facebook posts being categorized into tabs? Do you think they bring order, or that they overload the interface too much?

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