An SMS from the Treasury offers a false refund
An SMS from the Treasury offers a false refund

Scams are fairly common occurrences on the Internet. Now someone would be posing as the Tax Agency, commonly called the Treasury to notify us of a refund.

“Your refund is available” with this phrase is the beginning of the SMS scam for which we are attached the amount of money that the Treasury or the Tax Agency owed us and a false web page through which we would be asked for bank details among other information of interest to scammers.

The National Police Force has been the one who, after notices from users, have reported through their Twitter account the image in which 1340 euros would be returned to us in this case and we shouldenter bank details, among others, so that they make us the supposed payment.

An SMS from the Treasury offers a false refund
An SMS from the Treasury offers a false refund

The Tax Agency never makes the return of the income statement in this way in the event that it had to return money to us for this or for another reason. Keep in mind that this organization knows better than anyone the accounts we have, in what name, in what entity and the account number, so they do not require perform these processes.

It is not the first time that scammers try to make us believe that the Treasury has something to pay us back, thus trying to get hold of our data. What is new is the method by which they do it, since years ago they used the same scam via email and now they use SMS messages.

If you receive the message, which is probably due to mass mailing, we advise you to delete it and if you have fallen In the new case of phishing, go to the nearest police station to process the pertinent complaint.

SMS is a common method of scam, but not the only one since with the popularization of WhatsApp, it has become another of the channels through which a multitude of scams or deceptions are also sent and received.

Have you received the new scam from a tax agency by SMS? Have you fallen for the Treasury scam?

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