TikTok will have parental control
TikTok will have parental control

TikTok, that social network that has spread like wildfire and where minors prevail. The latter may have an expiration date, since it is proposed that TikTok have parental control.

What does parental control mean on TikTok? Well, this refers to the fact that, from now on, parents will be able to activate this option and establish certain limits on the use of the application.

Parental controls enabled by TikTok (UK only at the moment) affect exposure time, screen time, restricted modeto prevent certain sensitive content and private message limits.

These settings already existed, the novelty is that now they cannot be activated or deactivated without the authorization of an adult. It will be from now on when parents control the time their children spend in the application.

Now it just remains to be seen how well these parental controls work, and how parents can make use of them.

It is not the only novelty arriving today on TikTok in the United Kingdom, but the official TikTok channel itself is uploading videos to to make its users aware of the need to take breaks from mobile.

TikTok will have parental control
TikTok will have parental control

These tips can be viewed worldwide from the official TikTok Tips profile, but the new parental control settings are only active in the UK. It is believed that, in the coming months, they will reach other countries.

These new parental controls are added to the options that each user has in their profile, from choosing a public or private account, as well as the right to block, report content, avoid receiving comments, censor certain content, limit the number of users to Duo with, etc.

In no way are these controls intended to decrease the popularity of TikTok, but it is more important to safeguard the privacy and security of users (mostly minors), who go without brakes and then face pen alties, million-dollar fines, irreparable damage, and other misfortunes.

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