Cheap Disney+: 12-month offer for 59.99 euros
Cheap Disney+: 12-month offer for 59.99 euros

The streaming platform Disney+ is only a month away from its arrival in Spain and today we wake up knowing that if we subscribe before your arrival we will have a discount of 10 euros on the annual subscription (12 months).

This promotion lowers the price of the annual subscription from €69.99 to €59.99. It's not a huge discount, but it helps a lot, especially if we plan to share Disney+ with several family members or friends.

We must remember that Disney+ will allow us to play content on 4 simultaneous screens with a maximum quality of 4K HDR, but we can also choose by UHD resolution.

We already made these characteristics clear when we detailed what the price and catalog of this streaming platform would be.

Continuing with the offer that they launched today from the official Disney+ Twitter account, it is known that to join this promotion you have to subscribe to the annual plan before the March 23 (promotion deadline), just one day before its official premiere in Spain (March 24, 2020).

Cheap Disney +: 12-month offer for 59.99 euros
Cheap Disney +: 12-month offer for 59.99 euros

If for whatever reason, we do not subscribe to this promotion, we must know that if we want the annual fee, we will pay €69.99 instead of the €59.99 of the offer.

On the other hand, if we don't want to pay for a year, and we want to go month by month to check the quality of the service, the contents, the use without connection, the resolution, etc. Well, in this case, we only have one option and it will be 6, 99 € each month.

With the monthly subscription, we will also have access to the 4 simultaneous screens mentioned above, as well as the highest quality and the complete catalog, which as is well known includes all Disney movies (past, present, and future), complete sagas, animated series, National Geographic, Pixar, Marvel, etc.

In one way or another, Disney+ wants to stand up to other streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, etc. The only way to compete is using the price strategy, and considering the catalog that Disney+ offers, you are going to put the competition in a bind.

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