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Which video editing software to choose in 2020?
Which video editing software to choose in 2020?

It is important to choose the right choosing a video editor, because in these programs we can spend many hours working, and everything will be easier if the software helps us. Fortunately, for anyone looking for a video editing program in 2020 there are plenty of options.

Of course, the decision does not come down to choosing the "best" video editor, because there is no one that we can place above the rest for all users. We must assess our needs, the time we can dedicate to learning, to what extentprice we want to spend and if we will work in mobility or not.

You have to think that, once the editor is chosen, we will possibly use it for years, so we have to think about it well. Based on this, we are going to see the alternatives that the market gives us in 2020 to choose one that helps us in our objectives:

Identify your needs

Which video editing software to choose in 2020?
Which video editing software to choose in 2020?

First of all, we must be very clear about the use of the video editor Creating content for a personal YouTube channel is not the same than video commercials for a company, recording simple shots than adding special effects, working on a desktop computer than uploading videos on the go with little time for editing.

If we are looking for professional level editors, there are options like Adobe Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, FilmoraPro or DaVinci Resolve, with many possibilities, as they are even used in Hollywood blockbusters.

However, getting control of these editors is not easy, so for less ambitious content it would be a good idea to opt for programs that are easier to manage. Options like Filmora9, the online editor Kizoa or the programs included in Windows 10 and macOS.

It would be a mistake to choose a very advanced editor if we cannot dedicate enough time to learning it, or if we are going to use it with a reduced frequency, which is not worth the effort.

Determine your budget

Which video editing software to choose in 2020?
Which video editing software to choose in 2020?

The price differences between video editing programs are enormous, and in 2020 two payment models continue to coexist: subscriptionswith a monthly fee or one-time payment when you purchase the software.

One of the most complete editors is Adobe Premiere Pro, but many users are put off by its cost ofmore than 24 euros per month , without the option to buy it permanently.

In the case of Vegas Pro, it admits a single payment of 499 euros or paying 12 euros per month as a subscription. DaVinci Resolve has a free basic version, and for 269 euros it allows access to additional modules.

Among professional editors, FilmoraPro offers a competitive price of $89 for one year of use and $149 for a lifetime license.

For Filmora9, prices range from $11.99 per quarter to 59, $99 for a one-time lifetime license. We can also opt for a subscription of 99.87 dollars a year, which in addition to the program gives us access to Filmstocks, an extensive library with effects, sounds, titles, transitions and lots of other useful material.

Of course, there are free options. Windows 10 and macOS come with built-in editors, but they are very simple, so they will only serve to start our learning. YouTube also includes its own online editor, although too basic for almost any task.

Fixed or mobile edition?

Which video editing software to choose in 2020?
Which video editing software to choose in 2020?

If we are going to work on the move and we must publish the content very quickly (for social networks, YouTube, online media…) one option would be Adobe Premiere Rush, an editor for the simplified mobile, which limits the results but, in return, is faster.

In the event that we work with at least one laptop, even if it is mobile, the possibilities expand. For example, Filmora9 is an editor that offers a good balance between performance, ease of use and speed.

If we have a good Internet connection and a not very powerful laptop, we can also opt for an online editor, being aware that they are more limited than native programs.

With a desktop computer, or a powerful laptop (the so-called "workstation") we will have the freedom to opt for "heavyweights" like Adobe Premiere Pro. Always considering that a more professional editor does not mean that is better, we must choose one adapted to the actual use that we will give it.

In short, in 2020 we have quite a few video programs to choose from, covering a wide range of needs. There is no "right" editor for everyone, but there are options to suit the content type, knowledge, and budget of almost any user.

What do you think? Which video editor would you choose to start in this segment in 2020?

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