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The EU asks to stop using WhatsApp
The EU asks to stop using WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an insecure application or at least that's what the very European Union considers, which is recommending its workers to take a drastic measure, that stop using WhatsApp and use another messaging application, in this case, a call Signal.

This decision is not surprising because in recent years the different vulnerabilities that WhatsApp has had to face are not exactly few and they have multiplied. The last one was discovered at the beginning of this month of February.

That WhatsApp security flaw allowed any cybercriminal with minimal knowledge to be able to exploit the vulnerability to access all our files personal data from the PC using the WhatsApp application for the desktop.

As if that were not enough, Telegram made an important accusation about WhatsApp also a few weeks ago, stating that those security holes were created on purposeso that any institution that required it could access all the conversations.

Signal offers better privacy

The problem with WhatsApp, according to the European Union, is that it does not offer users enough privacy, so it is recommending using the Signal applicationeven above Telegram because they believe that this messaging app is safer than these two.

But what is special and different about Signal compared to WhatsApp? The most attractive thing about this application is that it is safe and respects the privacy of its users In addition, it is open source and that allows any bug to be identified and corrected much sooner security.

The most interesting thing is that it doesn't save any kind of user data nor can it see it, that is, Signal can't read your conversations or view your calls, but neither can anyone else except the user himself.

The EU asks to stop using WhatsApp
The EU asks to stop using WhatsApp

Taking this detail into account, the truth is that the advice given by the European Union about using Signal over WhatsApp and Telegram makes sense, above all, because it also supposes aextra security after various security problems that the institution has had to face in recent months.

As internal communication, all officials are required to use encrypted emails to notify any type of information. Right now, the use of Signal as a messaging application is indicated for communication outside the institution, for more confidential aspects at the moment secure mail is the best option.

Will the time come when WhatsApp is banned for EU workers themselves? Possibly yes now that we are aware of this decision, in which for the moment EU officials themselves must use Signal as a recommended app for their communications.

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