WhatsApp works on a redesign for iPhone
WhatsApp works on a redesign for iPhone

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging service in the world. Now, despite being available on multiple platforms, WhatsApp is preparing a redesign for iPhone.

Little by little, WhatsApp is becoming an increasingly complete messaging service. Just a few days ago we saw that the long-awaited dark mode could already be tested on iPhone.

Now, WaBetainfo, the main source of WhatsApp leaks, has revealed through the social network Twitter that the service is preparing a redesign for iPhone. Some users are already enjoying this redesign as they are in the WhatsApp beta program.

WhatsApp works on a redesign for iPhone
WhatsApp works on a redesign for iPhone

The version in which this redesign is shown is 2.20.90, and for the moment,is only available to a small part of the users included in the beta program of the app. This redesign whose main novelty is in the quick access would allow a better integration of "3D Touch" in WhatsApp.

The “3D Touch” is a technology which integrates the screen of the iPhone,from the iPhones 6S forward which detects the amount of pressure we make on the screen, unlike in most Android devices which work by pressing time. These are two different ways to access the shortcuts, available in both operating systems.

Many users have commented that this change is really similar to what Telegram had already integrated for a long time as is the opening of a series options when clicking on a message.

The source has clarified that this redesign is not currently planned for Android as it wouldn't make much sense to Most of the terminals do not integrate a technology that detects the different levels of pressure.

What do you think of the redesign of WhatsApp for iPhone? You like?

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