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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: first official video
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: first official video

We were in the middle of the Oscars when all of a sudden the commercials started and a ad showing the Samsung Galaxy Flip appeared.for the first time officially.

We are not facing any type of leak or anything similar, it is that Samsung, in the middle of the Oscars broadcast, has issued an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Flip that, although it is true that we saw everything we knew Until the date of the Galaxy Z Flip, today we will be able to know even more details about this terminal.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is Samsung's folding phone, but unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold it has a clamshell opening system, in the purest style of the Motorola Razr.

This is how the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip screens are

Samsung launches a folding terminal again, after all the problems it had with the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will have two screens, one on the outside, which would be color and tactile, through which we can check incoming notifications and even answer calls.

Inside we would find a large screen, which would be very long and large. The folding mechanism would be in the middle of the terminal, and as it had been rumored, it would have a frame that would prevent dust from being stored inside.

The new Samsung smartphone would have three positions, something we had not seen in another folding mobile. The first one would be when it is folded, in this position we could only access the small screen that the terminal has in the lower right part.

What is really striking is the possibility of leaving it in an intermediate position between folding and unfolding, similar to a laptop. Keep in mind that this option would be designed to avoid having to carry a support wherever we are.

This is a format specially designed for making video calls and being able to take small notes or use another application at the bottom.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: first official video
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: first official video

Lastly, the Galaxy Z Flip could be seen unfolded, just like the Motorola Razr, as both belong to the same stream of clamshell folding phones.

Now we understand why Samsung asked developers to adapt their apps to this new formatThe new position of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears in the promotional video shown during the Oscars celebration, so we understand that it would be one of the possibilities that this new generation of folding mobiles brings with it.

Two rear cameras and one front camera

The Samsung Galaxy Flip would have two rear sensors, although unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we cannot use these as a selfie camera. For this reason, the Z Flip incorporates a front camera integrated into the screen thanks to a hole in the panel.

As we can see, it is a phone with some quite useful frames. The video does not show the sale price, but it does show that Samsung would have prepared a presentation event on February 11, that is, tomorrow. This event would reveal all the details about the Galaxy Z Flip, including the price and availability of the Galaxy Z Flip.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, as we already saw in its leaks, it would not be a device within the reach of any pocket. Let's hope the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has better luck than its predecessor, as we remember that the Galaxy Fold suffered from screen issues during its launch in some countries.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Do you think that Samsung has surprised by introducing an ad for its foldable in the middle of the Oscars gala?

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