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Meet the best-selling mobile of 2019
Meet the best-selling mobile of 2019

A new study has revealed the best-selling smartphone of the past year and it may surprise you because it's not an Android phone, but a mobile from Apple that has been with us for quite some time and that seems to be very successful among users according to the data.

It was the OMDIA query that released this list of mobiles. We're really talking about units shipped, which means that the more shipments have been made, the more phones have been sold. Believe it or not, Apple has a lot to say here.

And it is that the best-selling mobile last year have been nothing more and nothing less than the iPhone Xr, the cheapest phone from Apple that has been with us for a long time and has not yet been renewed, although we do not know if it will be soon.

46, 3 million units shipped

This is the figure of the study that places the iPhone Xr as the best-selling terminal in 2019, a figure that is far from the second whose terminal is also a company phone even more recent than the XR. We leave you the list of the first 5 below:

  1. iPhone Xr: 46, 3 million shipments.
  2. iPhone 11: 37, 3 million shipments.
  3. Galaxy A10: 30.3 million shipments.
  4. Galaxy A50: 24.2 million shipments.
  5. Galaxy A20: 19.2 million shipments.

If we follow the ranking of mobile phones with the most units shipped last year, we find the iPhone 11 Pro Max in 6th place, followed by the iPhone 8, Redmi Note 7, iPhone 11 Pro and finally the Galaxy J2 Core at number 10 with 15.2 million units shipped.

The first two positions are well controlled by Apple, but already in third place is an Android mobile, in this case the Samsung Galaxy A10, followed by the A50 and A20, three fairly recent terminals from the manufacturer's new low-medium range.

Meet the best-selling mobile of 2019
Meet the best-selling mobile of 2019

These data show that Samsung is doing a very good job with the new Galaxy A terminals, which we remember is a range that started to renew a very short time ago and it already began to bear fruit last year, as can be seen in the data.

It's funny to see how we can't find high-end Android phones in the top 10 list (they are all low-end and average), but we do have up to 4 Apple devices with top-level technical characteristics and with quite high prices.

Another good news for Xiaomi is that its Redmi range seems to be working, just look at the Redmi Note 7 sneaks into the best-seller list, so probably another new study later can include a terminal again.

Samsung takes advantage of 5G mobiles

2019 was undoubtedly the take-off year for smartphones with 5G connectivity, since the truth is that we saw how different manufacturers launched their corresponding versions with said technology, they are generally identical to the high-end terminals of your catalog with 5G.

This same study reveals that the market for these terminals continues to grow and more and more mobile phones are sold with this connectivity. In total there were 14, 7 million devices in 2019, a figure that will surely double this 2020, although we will have to see it later.

Here Samsung dominates the market by placing up to 4 of its 5G devices on the best-seller list, although there is a Huawei smartphone. The list is as follows:

  1. Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G: 2.6 million units shipped.
  2. Mate 30 Pro 5G: 2.5 million units shipped.
  3. Galaxy S10 5G: 2.4 million units shipped.
  4. Galaxy Note 10 5G: 1.2 million units shipped.
  5. Galaxy A90 5G: 0.9 million units shipped.

First place goes to the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, but closely followed by the Mate 30 Pro 5G and S10 5G. Surely this list will change soon as soon as cheaper 5G phones begin to appear or even an iPhone, a connectivity that is increasingly present.

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