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How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car

Tidal is one of the most popular streaming music services behind Spotify or Apple Music. Today we will show you how to use Tidal in the car through different methods.

Listen to music in the car is a habit for many drivers every day on their journeys. In the car we can choose different options when listening to music such as radio, listen our music via bluetooth, if our radio allows it, or use streaming music services such as Tidal, either through the mobile connected to our car by Bluetooth or through Android Auto/Carplay.

Let's remember that the main difference that Tidal has compared to the rest is the sound quality that it offers us, since unlike Spotify Premium that offers 320 kbps, Tidal offers us the sound in format FLAC, same sound quality that we can find on a physical disc, but online.

If we have a modern car, it is possible that it is either compatible with Android Auto and Carplay or that has its own navigation system through which we can access different multimedia services. Or if we have an older car to which we have changed the radio, we can connect our mobile via bluetooth or auxiliary connection.

Tidal via Android Auto/Carplay

To be able to enjoy Tidal in Android Auto, we just have to start the app within the framework of Android Auto, as we saw in the Android Auto guide.

  1. Once we have started the Android Auto app, click on the button which has a headphones icon.
How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car
  1. Once we have chosen the section, we will select if we want to listen to songs, a playlist or, in the case of the section “ Explore”, the gender in question that we are looking for.
  2. Then all that remains is to choose the music before getting behind the wheel and enjoying the journey.

Tidal on Waze

Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps among drivers due to its reliability in notifying us of accidents, objects on the road, radars… For this reason, we believe that it may be useful to know how to enjoy Tidal within this app.

First of all, we must highlight that both Tidal and Waze are apps compatible with Android Auto, although we don't always have to use of him in the car, so we may want to know how to enjoy our Tidal playlist in Waze.

  1. When we choose Tidal, Waze will ask us for a series of permissions which we must grant in order to have a quick menu and see the song we are playing, go to the next one or choose playslits. The biggest shortcoming is that we cannot choose the song that we want to play from said quick access.
  2. To get started, we need to open the Waze app.
  3. At the top right, a music icon will appear. We will click on said icon and link, in this case, our Tidal account despite the fact that this platform is also compatible with Spotify.
How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car
  1. In fact, if we have both services, we can have both accounts linked.
How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car
  1. Finally, we will open the Tidal app to select what we want to listen to and return to Waze which is where we can perform many controls like pausing the song, going to the next one, changing the playlist…
How to use Tidal in the car
How to use Tidal in the car

Connect Tidal via Bluetooth

If our car has Bluetooth, we only have to pair our car with our smartphone and then open the Tidal application. Sometimes when we start playing music, the audio usually does not come out through the car speakers for a few seconds, just like it happens with headphones.

It should be noted that, if we have controls on the steering wheel or on the radio itself, in general, theseThey are usually compatible and we can go to the next song and pause or play the song again.

  1. We pair our mobile and the car via Bluetooth.
  2. We open the Tidal app and select what we want to listen to.

This is a very valid option for those who have their own playlist on Tidal and can thus enjoy music offline and so listen to the music we like there where we are.

Connect Tidal via auxiliary connection/3.5mm jack

This is the easiest way to play Tidal in your car. To do this, we only have to open Tidal on our mobile and plug in the 3.5mm jack cable to our mobile.

If our mobile does not have a headphone jack, we will only have to put a USB type C adapter to a 3.5mm female jack and through it we will be able to connect our music to our car. This adapter is usually included in the box of our mobile phone, although if we can't find it for any reason we can get hold of it for little money.

In this way, we can have the audio through the car's speakers. The factors to take into account are that our radio has a 3.5mm jack and a 3.5 male-male jack cable which we can purchase for little money.

Car Navigation

Tidal may be available in some app stores which have their own system, such as Mercedes. In these cars we can have all our playlists on the dashboard of the car.

The process in this type of system is usually identical to the rest, since as the car has an Internet connection, we must enter our email and our password in order to access all our playlists.

Which method did you find most useful for using Tidal in the car? Do you find them useful?

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