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How to sell on Wallapop
How to sell on Wallapop

Wallapop is a jungle where you can see almost anything, and if your intention is to sell in Wallapop, you can't miss this tutorial.

Throughout this article we will see how to access the Wallapop app, how to upload the product, how to sell it and how to manage the payment and other information of interest to know how to sell on Wallapop.

If we have never browsed Wallapop, it would be convenient to start by talking about what can be sold there. In this app you can sell almost anything, as we said at the beginning of this article.

In Wallapop we can buy and sell, from computers, mobile phones, video games, consoles, paintings, chairs, cars, board games, decorative items, there are even those who sell handmade things, and even look for work and provide their services as babysitters, pet sitters, the elderly, etc.

The best sellers on Wallapop are always music records, musical instruments, books, furniture, clothing and accessories such as jewelry, electronics and computers, retro stuff, etc.

Wallapop was an uncontrolled pit where exams were even sold, and where today, houses can even be sold and rented.

As we can see, Wallapop is a place where there is room for everything and where imagination is never lacking. In fact, thanks to some Wallapop ads, many public figures have gained a large following on social networks and YouTube channels, by uploading images of those ads to make fun of what was being sold or because of the text that accompanied the image, or by the image itself, as is the case of AuronPlay and the photos to the mirrors

But it's not all laughs, in Wallapop runs a well-known scamThis scam begins with a simple message from someone interested in our mobile, to give an example, and when we have almost everything discussed, it tells us that we must send the mobile to another address.

That address is in Nigeria, hence the name of this scam is "The Nigerian Scam" The modus operandi is always the same, offer a higher price than what we set in our ad and ask for our telephone number for a more private and close contact.

The scam ends badly, since they send an email impersonating the website of our bank or PayPal where they inform us that the payment has been made, but we will not have access to the money until we send the product. Everything is a lie, obviously, they will never send us the money.

Open your account in Wallapop

But negatives aside, let's start by talking about your app, since the steps are very similar on iPhone and Android:

How to sell on Wallapop
How to sell on Wallapop
  1. Before entering the data of the product that we are going to sell, we must fill in, at least minimally, a profile with contact information, photo, location, etc. Having this will give a better image to users interested in our products.
How to sell on Wallapop
How to sell on Wallapop
  1. When we are going to upload the article, we must add labels to the product In our case it is a speaker with Google Assistant, but in case of a mobile, you have to name brands such as Apple, iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, Galaxy, even if our mobile does not correspond to those brands.

Place your first ad

Wallapop must be seen as the Tinder of products that we already have left over, that we don't know what to do with them, or that due to certain decisions, circumstances or needs we have to sell them.

Now let's upload a product to sell:

  1. Click on "+ Upload product" and a menu opens where we must choose what type of item we are going to sell.
How to sell on Wallapop
How to sell on Wallapop
  1. It is the turn of to write all the details of the item that we want to sell on Wallapop.
How to sell on Wallapop
How to sell on Wallapop
  1. Click on "Upload Product", and a map appears where we must indicate our location. (This only appears, if we have not allowed Wallapop to access our location during registration).
How to sell on Wallapop
How to sell on Wallapop

Now we just have to wait for our product to receive messages from interested parties.

Wallapop premium, modalities and prices

Wallapop has a premium version and costs €39.99 per month. There are other options that serve to highlight a specific product in different situations and periods of time:

  1. Sell fast: we can highlight the product for 3 days for 3.99 e, for 7 days for 4.99 e and for 15 days for €9.99.
  2. Highlights in our town: for 2 days we pay €2.99, for 7 days €5.99 and for 15 days 10, €99.
  3. Highlight in a specific city: We have 2 days for €4.99, 7 days for €8.99 and 15 days for €13.99.
  4. Highlights throughout Spain: we pay €8.99 for 2 days, €17.99 for 7 days and €31.99 for 15 days.

Important: These prices may change, since when we are writing these lines we are in March 2020.

The premium version of Wallapop serves to speed up sales, since it better positions our products and gains visibility, so that we can sell them faster.

Manage payment and shipping in Wallapop

From Wallapop they recommend becoming a premium to be able to communicate through the Wallapop chat in case of incident or scam, safeguard our privacy, have protection when buying and selling, and having secure payments and collections.

The most normal thing in Wallapop is to sell the product to someone close to our location and deliver it by hand. And just at that moment the payment is made in cash and by hand.

Wallapop has a platform to manage shipments and payments. It is a collaboration between Wallapop and Correos, but it is not free, since this management carries a price. This cost is paid by the purchaser and is charged separately from the price of the product.

Yes, payments are secure, thanks to "Wallapop Protect" This means that the money will not be sent immediately, that is, that the payment is frozen until the package is received, and the user checks that everything is "ok".

With this function, money-back guarantee is also available. In other words, if the product does not satisfy us, we can return it and ask for a refund.

Wallapop insists on using its management of shipments and payments, to guarantee the correct transaction and avoid loss of money, and fall into scams.

I want to sell my product on Wallapop

If we have received messages to buy our product, we choose who we want to sell it to by clicking on "Accept offer" and then we must enter our address as sender in our Wallapop profile and our account number.

Now you would have to go to a post office within a maximum period of 5 days and show the shipping number that Wallapop has sent us to our email. We delivered the package and it would be there.

As soon as the user receives the product and checks that everything is fine, the payment is made and in a maximum of 72 hours, the money is in our bank account.

All this is so easy if it is done through the Wallapop app, at the moment the transaction is made outside the application, You must already use other methods such as Bizum, PayPal, bank transfer, etc.

We recommend, if we are the ones who are going to sell, not to send the product if we are not even minimally sure of the buyer's intentions. And if we are the buyer, we recommend not to make advances of any kind, and if they ask us for a down payment, do it in small amounts.

Important Details for Selling Technology Products

There are some important aspects that we must consider if we want to sell something through this application:

  1. Factory reset the product, this is applicable to any technology product.
  2. Surrender the guarantee if you still have it.
  3. Inform insurance, if any. Likewise, the buyer is interested in continuing with that insurance. In that case it would be necessary to clarify the change of owner and other procedures.
  4. Remove the memory card and SIM card.
  5. Do not mislead in product specifications.
  6. That the accessories that we include in the sale are original.
  7. That everything is in good condition, for example, chargers that, over time, tend to break. In this case, indicate it, lower the price or buy a new one.
  8. Warn if the phone has been rooted or tampered with, internally or externally, at any time.
  9. If we are going to deliver it by hand, allow the user to try it out a bit before selling.

Selling on Wallapop is easy, yes, but be very careful with scams as there are all kinds of them and some are very well camouflaged.

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