Fleets, Twitter stories that last 24 hours
Fleets, Twitter stories that last 24 hours

Twitter is currently launching a novelty that will sound familiar to you, especially if you use Instagram. The functionality is called Fleets and they are basically the Instagram Stories from Twitter which at the moment can only be enjoy a small group of users around the world.

The social network seems to have a clear direction, just as it denied a few weeks ago that it would never be allowed to edit tweets, it also seems that are adopting attractive features from other social networks, the best proof of this are the fleets we are talking about.

Only are available for Twitter Brazil, so at the moment they cannot be tested in Spain, but it is expected that they will be launched in other countries very soon, although there is no scheduled date, something that on the other hand is quite common on the part of this social network.

As with Instagram Stories, you can upload fleets at any time, ephemeral posts that only last 24 hours and that They will be able to see your followers. Curiously, they are also shown as Instagram stories.

You will see that one of your followers has uploaded a fleet if their Twitter avatar appears at the top with a blue circle, which means that it is new and has not yet been read by you, those already read will appear with a gray ring and will appear at the end.

Fleets, the Twitter stories that last 24 hours
Fleets, the Twitter stories that last 24 hours

Tweets are not exactly what can be uploaded there, but personalized publications We refer to photos from the camera, images from the gallery, a-g.webp" />.

Twitter fleets do not offer the possibility of public interaction by your followers, that is, they cannot retweet or give a I like it, but you won't be able to do the same with the fleets uploaded by any of your followers, at least publicly.

The only way to react to fleets on Twitter is to reply to them via private message or send them a private reaction as well. It's pretty much the same as Instagram Stories, so it won't be difficult for you to use them and upload content there.

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