IPhone 12: ToF camera and display at 120 Hz
IPhone 12: ToF camera and display at 120 Hz

The development of the iPhone 12 advances, and little by little new leaks appear, as it will maintain a triple rear camera, but adding a 3D ToF sensor that will measure depth with greater precision.

We have already explained what a ToF camera is, capable of sending rays of light to measure distances, and on the iPhone 12 it would help both to improve photos and in augmented reality, increasingly used in games and utilities.

In addition, the iPhone 12 would use a higher resolution main camera, and one of the options would be a 64-megapixel sensor made by Sony.

iPhone 12: ToF camera and display at 120 Hz
iPhone 12: ToF camera and display at 120 Hz

For its part, the ultra-wide-angle sensor would obtain an f/1.6 aperture, which would mean greater sensitivity to light, and better night performance. A macro mode is also rumored, increasingly common in more mobile phones, to take photos of objects from only 2.5 cm.

The night mode would be expanded, and any of the iPhone 12 cameras could use it, including the front one.

Apart from the camera, the leaks point to the iPhone 12 would opt for a 120 Hz screen, with more fluid images than the current 60 HZ screens, and that would make the leap to 5G.

The battery of the most advanced model, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, would reach 4,400 mAh, a considerable figure if we think that Apple has never gone for very large batteries. In general, the aim is to reinforce this aspect, since the 120 Hz screen and 5G increase consumption considerably.

This information is not official, but comes from a YouTube channel specialized in Apple, in principle with quite reliable sources. But we must not forget the launch of the iPhone 12 will be after the end of the summer of 2020, and during this time some aspects could be modified.

In fact, Apple is working on the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE2, which it planned to launch at the end of March, but problems in Chinese factories due to the coronavirus epidemic could cause delays, and even affect customers. plans for iPhone 12.

In any case, everything indicates that a major redesign awaits us, and the iPhone 12 will focus on polishing different details: better camera, 120 Hz screen, 5G connectivity and iOS 14, a version stability-oriented operating system.

In principle, the iPhone 12 looks interesting, the iPhone 11 was very well received, and its capabilities are to be expanded. However, for smartphones this expensive, renewal cycles can be two years or more, and sales may suffer if users don't see enough new features to switch to a new model.

What do you think of the iPhone 12 according to these leaks? Do you think its new features will be well received?

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