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How to remove Telegram
How to remove Telegram

In case you no longer want to use Telegram, either because you don't like it, you don't feel like it or simply because your contacts use WhatsApp, you should know that there is the possibility of delete your Telegram account so that your profile is no longer active and they can search for you.

You can also do this on WhatsApp, although Telegram makes it a bit more complicated because forces the user to carry out the procedure from the web page, so you must do it from your mobile browser or also from your computer.

This is applicable if you want to delete the Telegram account now, in case you don't mind waiting a minimum of 1 month, you can do it from the application itself through an adjustment found in the configuration and which we will detail a little later.

Through the browser

Let's go with the first procedure that you can use to delete your Telegram, you only need a browser (whether via mobile or computer) and enter a certain website offered by developers todefinitely deactivate your account Follow these steps:

Enter the website that we leave you just below and enter your phone number

How to delete Telegram
How to delete Telegram
  1. Click on “ next ” and now enter the code that should have come to you via Telegramto your mobile, thus making sure that the one who is deleting the Telegram account is really you and not another person. Follow the steps until the end and you will have closed your profile.

Via mobile

The second procedure is simpler, but it is not immediate. It consists of reconfiguring a setting in the Telegram configuration so that after a certain time your Telegram account is automatically deleted without you having to intervene at all. Do the following:

  1. Enter Telegram and click on “settings”, in the case of having an Android phone, just click on the icon of the three vertical dots and enter settings from the menu that opens.
  2. Now access the section “Privacy/Security”, this is where you can block access to Telegram by fingerprint and also set the time limit for automatic deletion.
How to delete Telegram
How to delete Telegram
  1. Look for the option “if I'm away”, when you press it a series of dates will appear (1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months). By default it is 12 months, which means that if you do not enter Telegram in less than 1 year, the profile will be deleted.
How to delete Telegram
How to delete Telegram

This is for all cases, so if you don't want your profile to self-destruct, put the latest date (12 months) and enter that entire period. If you enter again, the countdown returns to the beginning and so on.

If you want to delete Telegram quickly with this procedure you must mark “1 month” and not enter all that time, which you can do is to delete the application from your mobile after checking this possibility and as soon as the established date is reached, your account will be closed.

This has the advantage of allowing you to set a “cooling off period” in case in those 30 days or months you regret it and you want to use Telegram again, something that can happen, although if you are convinced the first procedure is the most effective and fastest of the 2.

Although it should go without saying, you should know that deleting your Telegram means that all your profile information will also be deleted (chats, groups, multimedia content, etc.). In the event that you sign up for Telegram again later, everything will start from scratch, as if you had never had Telegram.

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