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Hiketop+, get free followers on Instagram
Hiketop+, get free followers on Instagram

Hiketop+ is an app that get free followers on Instagram, easily, and even get more likes for your photos. Of course, as you can imagine, the followers that Hiketop+ obtains are not interested in your Instagram profile, but in the "follow back", that is, that you also follow them.

In fact, this app is free because it works as a kind of "Instagram marketplace": you follow other people, they You like their posts and watch their videos, and in return you get the same through Hiketop+.

Instead of analyzing your Instagram followers to improve the strategy on the social network, Hiketop+ opts for the easier path easy and quick In any case, the operation of the app has a certain trick, since actions such as following profiles or giving likes generate a kind ofinternal currency call "diamonds"

Getting diamonds is free, and using them Hiketop+ gets us followers and likes on InstagramOf course, there's also the option to buy diamonds with real money, for those who find getting them for free through stocks too slow.

Hiketop+, get free followers on Instagram
Hiketop+, get free followers on Instagram

Get followers, but don't "unfollow"

The operation of Hiketop+ has a bug: if users who follow each other then unfollow (they "unfollow"), in the end the Instagram accounts would not notice theRise of followers , and in many cases what they are looking for is to become influencers.

Therefore, in the application there is an option to detect who unfollows us, and Hiketop+ assures that it severely penalizes those accounts.

Another interesting feature is that Hiketop+ offers free followers for Instagram on both Android and iOSIn the first case we can download the app from Google Play, but the official Apple store does not support it, so it forces us to download an IPA file, as if we were a developer testing the app.

In general, Hiketop+ works, but everything around it is a bit questionable. It gets us free followers, but they only contribute a number, they have no real interest in our Instagram profile.

Hiketop+, get free followers on Instagram
Hiketop+, get free followers on Instagram

In addition, there is a risk that Instagram will remove fake followers again and we will lose the work we have done, and we never know if logging in through a third-party app could endanger our Instagram account.

In any case, it is clear that Hiketop+ will attract many users, because the idea of ​​getting free followers on Instagram is usually interesting, and the application really does what it promises.

What do you think about Hiketop+? Does your system convince you to get free and fast followers?

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