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Huawei P40: prices and editions
Huawei P40: prices and editions

We have been receiving information and leaks for months about what will be the new Huawei P40 and all its variants. It is clear that next March 26 we will leave doubts about how they are going to be, but now we have a new leak and it may surprise more than one. Thanks to this leak we know prices and editions, as well as its design.

Huawei's P family is one of those terminals that everyone waits for year after year, because they are always among the best, especially in the camera section, where, together with Leica, they surprise in each edition of this smartphone.

As we have already told you lines above, the presentation of the new Huawei P40 will be next March 26 in Paris, such and as confirmed a few days ago by the CEO of the brand Richard Yu.

And since there are only a few days left, the brand has sent a first preview of what the terminal will be and its presentation as a promotional poster, which has been echoed by the networks. Said poster shows practically nothing of the phone, although it leaves a quite significant hashtag such as VisionaryPhotography, which makes us suspect that they are going to go one step further in as far as photography is concerned.

Huawei P40: prices and editions
Huawei P40: prices and editions

Prices and new versions

As usually happens with this type of terminal, leaks are the order of the day and we have one of the Huawei P40 as another promotional poster, where we see different special editions.

The editions we see on that poster are P40 Dragon Edititon, Gundam Edititon, bilibili Joint Edition, Aerospace (General) Edition and Dragon King Edition, all these editions have a custom and distinctive back to all the rest.

Huawei P40: prices and editions
Huawei P40: prices and editions

Thanks to this poster we also know the prices of several normal versions of the Huawei P40 such as:

  1. Huawei P40 8 GB + 128 GB: 999 euros (7,887 yuan).
  2. Huawei P40 8 GB + 256 GB: 1,099 euros (8,677 yuan).
  3. Huawei P40 8 GB + 512 GB: 1,249 euros (9,861 yuan).

If these prices are met, the rumor that circulated several weeks ago that Huawei would lower the prices of its new flagship as a measure for not having Google services, seems to have no place.

You already know that Huawei currently cannot count on Google apps due to the conflict it has with the US authorities, which forced it to those of Mountain View and other North American companies to stop collaborating with the Asian giant.

Although a few weeks ago it seemed that this conflict was coming to an end and Huawei could recover its right to use Google Apps again, the truth is that time passes and it still does not have this possibility and, now there is no longer a glimpse of when it might be time for this to be fixed, Everything we have known about the P40 does not stop there since Huawei is also going to launch an aerospace version, more for marketing to the media than for real sales, which will cost a whopping12,499 euros An exorbitant amount, but one that will delight all of us who dedicate ourselves to this world, since we will be looking forward to seeing what it is like.

Huawei P40: prices and editions
Huawei P40: prices and editions

What does seem clear is that all these finishes we are talking about will only reach the Chinese market, although perhaps Huawei could surprise us and also launch them globally or in Europe.

We will have to wait until March 26 to officially know both the design and specifications, as well as the price of the new Huawei P40 and 40 Pro.

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