Share your Netflix password easily
Share your Netflix password easily

Chrome is probably one of the most popular and used browsers. Sharing the payment of subscriptions to streaming platforms such as Netflix or HBO is common. Now Chrome has a new extension to easily share our account keys.

Google Chrome is one of the most complete browsers out there. To this, we must add the possibility of being able to share our Netflix passwords, in addition to other subscriptions thanks to a new extension called “DoNotPay”.

DoNotPay is a company known because it previously developed software based on artificial intelligence that allowed to enjoy free trial periods on streaming video platforms constantly, in such a way that we did not have to pay to use them.

Now, the same company has announced its own extension for Google's browser through which we can store Netflix passwords, among other paid streaming platforms.

If we are sharing an account on Netflix or another streaming platform, we may lose the keys or have to return them to you to ask our friend who is the owner of the account.

Share your Netflix password easily
Share your Netflix password easily

With the new DoNotPay extension, we will be able to store the keys in said extension in a totally encrypted way and grant or not permission to be consulted. The extension would work like this:

  1. To begin, both we and our friends must be registered and have the DoNotPay extension installed in our browser.
  2. The account owner will add the keys and enter our email or DoNotPay identification number, thus offering us access to these keys.
  3. If we stop making use of said subscription or do not make our part of the payment, the owner of the account mayrevoke our access and change the passwords.

No doubt, this is a useful extension if we are not careful with passwords. It is possible that with the arrival of Disney+, the keys of said service can be shared.

What do you think of the extension? Do you think it is useful?

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