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Realme Band: specifications and price
Realme Band: specifications and price

In the world of activity bracelets, Xiaomi continues to reign with its Mi Smart Band 4. But since Realme has come to compete with the Chinese brand in everything, not only in smartphones, it has already launched official the Realme Band, its new fitness bracelet to try to dethrone Xiaomi's.

This new Realme activity bracelet shares the same type of philosophy as Xiaomi's, that is, to offer a lot in exchange for a much more contained price than the vast majority of its competition.

Good bracelet with groundbreaking price

Realme Band: specifications and price
Realme Band: specifications and price

The design of the Realme Band is classic in this type of device with an elongated screen, a bracelet whose main component is rubberand with several colors at our disposal to choose the one we like best.

The weight, of just 20 grams, helps make it extremely light and the dimensions are well achieved since we are talking about 19, 6 mm x 11, 9 mm x 240 mm, in addition to incorporating the certification, which protects it against water and dust, IP68.

The Realme Band is prepared with different sensors such as a 3-axis accelerometer, a sensor heart rate monitor (real time, 24 hours a day) and a vibration motor.

It is a bracelet capable of monitoring sleep, measuring our day's steps, calories burned, distance traveled and detect up to nine different types of sports, in addition to being able to receive all notifications that reach our mobile device. A mobile device that to be compatible with the Realme Band must have the Android 5 or higher operating system. The mobile phone is connected via the Bluetooth 5.0 that comes with the bracelet.

Realme Band: specifications and price
Realme Band: specifications and price

We have a 0.96-inch OLED color touch screen with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels, with a virtual button that It is used to move through the different menus of the bracelet.

On this screen we will receive call notifications, application notifications, movement reminders, goal reminders, alarms, and we will also be able to see the time, date, and weather forecast, among other things.

To charge the wristband's 90 mAh battery, simply remove one of the straps and plug it directly into a USB port, promising from Realme a autonomy of 6 to 9 days.

As for the price, it has just been put up for sale in India at a cost of 1,499 rupees, which is equivalent to just over 18 euros to changeAn absolutely groundbreaking price, although if it is sold on the European continent its price will almost certainly be higher.

We assume that it will arrive in Spain, although we still do not know when we will be able to enjoy this new Realme fitness bracelet.

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