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Movistar confirms Disney+ for its customers
Movistar confirms Disney+ for its customers

Disney+ will arrive in Spain in a few days, and Movistar will offer it to its television customers, at no additional cost in many of the packs of the Telefónica operator. An interesting proposal for customers, although it is generating controversy.

From March 24, the day of the launch, Movistar+ users will be able to start enjoying Disney+, but they must do so from streaming service applications Movistar has not had time to incorporate it into its decoders, although it considers it a "priority" for the future.

We have already advanced the Disney+ catalogue, which includes Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar, among other content, which will be accessible in Android and iOS apps, computers, Samsung, LG and Android TV smart TVs, Chromecast, Apple TV, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Regarding the rates that will include free Disney+, the main ones are:

  1. Fusion Selection Plus Fiction.
  2. Fusion Total.
  3. Fusion Total Plus.
  4. Fusion+ Total Soccer.
  5. Fusion+ Total Fiction.
  6. Fusion+ Total Leisure.
  7. Fusion+ Premium.
  8. Fusion+ Premium Extra.
  9. Fusion+ Premium Total.

Basically, all customers of Movistar television with the Fiction package will have Disney + at no additional cost, which includes the numerous variants of the above rates.

On the other hand, on April 4th Movistar is going to launch a new Cinema pack, which will include Disney+, and for 6 months it will cost the same as the current Cinema pack. At the moment, the operator has not specified the new name or its final price.

Movistar confirms Disney+ for its customers
Movistar confirms Disney+ for its customers

You will have to activate Disney+

Since Disney+ has not yet been incorporated into the Movistar television platform, those who wish to take advantage of it must perform the activation on the Movistar website or app, where there will be a special registration link for Disney+.

A period of 3 months has been given since March 24, without the reason being very clear, since in principle the streaming platform is added permanently, not as a promotion.

If we already have a Disney+ account created, it will be migrated directly when using the same email with Movistar. On the other hand, there is a 1-year Disney+ promotion for 59.90 euros that some customers may have contracted.

If that were the case, they have to contact Disney+ to get their money back, because with Movistar television they already have access, and they would be paying twice for the service.

All these unresolved details show that the negotiation between the operator and the streaming platform has been rushed until the last moment, and make it understandable that Vodafone is very uncomfortable about the situation.

Complaints from Vodafone

Vodafone, which is not broadcasting football this season due to the excessive cost of rights, was another of the operators that was negotiating with Disney+. After learning of the agreement, they have written a complaint to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), the regulator of the communications sector.

Vodafone considers that Movistar has obtained covert exclusivity with Disney+, and that is in breach of the agreements reached when Telefónica bought Digital+ (including the old Canal+), damaging competition in the sector.

It is difficult to predict whether the CNMC is going to take any measure, and in any case it will take a long time.

For now, Movistar customers will enjoy Disney+ without paying more, and we have to wait for the service to be integrated in the decoders, or that Vodafone and Orange also offer it.

What do you think of the arrival of Disney+ at Movistar? Do you think it will be an extra well received by users?

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