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Samsung Galaxy S20 arrives in Spain
Samsung Galaxy S20 arrives in Spain

The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra give the starting signal to the new high-end range from Samsung that arrives in Spain and We know the official prices, as well as its most exclusive accessories.

The technical specifications of each and every one of them were already clear in the first impressions of the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra, in addition to the respective reviews, both in text and video.


Now it's time to find out what prices each model has, and what accessories we will have available for this new generation of high-end models.

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We start with the accessories, and Samsung offers a Smart LED cover that marks the time on the outside, we also have covers Smart Clear View, that is, covers with a personalized interface.

With this latest case, we can reject calls, see notifications, see the battery level, etc. and all without unlocking the mobile.

If we want to further personalize our terminal, Samsung has teamed up with Kvadrat to create Exclusive cases for the Galaxy S20+ model with biodegradable materials and in beautiful colors.

Samsung Galaxy S20 arrive in Spain
Samsung Galaxy S20 arrive in Spain

Last but not least, Samsung offers classic silicone and leather cases in different colors.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra prices

The availability of these terminals depends on where we buy it. If we prefer to make the purchase from the official Samsung website, we should know that r we will receive the terminal on March 16 and these are its prices:

Samsung Galaxy S20: the version with 4G costs €909and with 5G it costs €1,009.

Samsung Galaxy S20+: with connectivity 4G we pay €1,009 and with 5G connectivity we paid €1,109.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: if we want it with 128 GB ROMwe must pay 1.359 € , and if we want it with 512 GB of ROM then we have to pay 1.559 €.

Each and every Samsung S20 series model is available on Amazon.

At the moment they can only be reserved, and according to Amazon, we will receive it at home on March 13. In addition, on Amazon there are discounts on the 3 models:

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