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Vodafone Yu launches new rates with 5G data
Vodafone Yu launches new rates with 5G data

Vodafone yu launches its new rates aimed at young customers. After being one of the best-known companies in the prepaid world, Vodafone yu is now launching its new contract rates.

Vodafone yu has presented its new contract rates in order to attract young customers. Vodafone will offer different rates so that we can choose which one best suits our needs.

New Rates

Vodafone Yu launches new rates with 5G data
Vodafone Yu launches new rates with 5G data
  1. Big Yuser: the rate includes 10 GB of data, unlimited for use of social networks, as well as unlimited calls for 15 euros to the month.
  2. Big Yuser + Fibra: we still have all of the above, but in this case 300 symmetrical megabytes for 45 euros per month with permanence of 12 months.
  3. Heavy Yuser: in this case, the data configuration is 25 GB, unlimited for social networks, unlimited calls for 20 euros a month.
  4. Heavy Yuser + Fiber: if we are looking to have Internet at home, we can add symmetrical 600 megabyte fiber to our rate for 50 euros per month, with a stay of 12 months.

Fiber only rate

Although it is curious, Vodafone yu has a fiber-only rate.

  1. Fibra Yuser: 300 symmetrical megabytes and landline with unlimited calls.

It should be noted that in those rates that include fiber, it may be necessary to install it, which supposes an additional charge of 70 euros to the rate.

Vodafone advantages and you

Vodafone yu, as we have previously mentioned, is the young subsidiary of the French operator. Therefore, we enjoy the following advantages:

  1. Yu don't miss anything: Europe FM radio show.
  2. Vodafone yu Music Shows: exclusive concerts for customers.
  3. Unique experiences: possibility of carrying out experiences.
  4. Initiatives to promote talent: scholarships and musical programs to support undiscovered talent.

Finally, we must mention that all these rates can already be contracted either in Vodafone stores or on the yu page.

What do you think of Vodafone's new rates? Do you think they offer good prices?

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