Apple confirms that you can disinfect your iPhone
Apple confirms that you can disinfect your iPhone

The coronavirus has crossed borders faster than expected, and now is the time to protect ourselves against possible contagion. Apple has confirmed that we can disinfect our iPhone and doing it is quite simple.

Just a few hours ago Apple has updated its website, just the section where they indicate the steps to clean the iPhone. Disinfecting our hands and washing them very often, avoiding contact of the hands with the mouth, eyes and face in general, are basic measures to avoid (or reduce) the spread of the coronavirus

This is why people have wondered if there was any way to disinfect mobile phones and Apple was the one who has launched to update this cleaning method in exceptional cases such as those we are experiencing these days due to the coronavirus.

Apple is a brand that in recent weeks has experienced firsthand the damage that this virus can do. The company closed factories and stores and the consequences have not been good, since iPhone sales have decreased a lot.

Apple Confirms You Can Sanitize Your iPhone
Apple Confirms You Can Sanitize Your iPhone

From Apple they indicate that it is good to be able to disinfect the iPhone and recommend using disinfectant wipes or a soft cloth moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

The security measures before cleaning the terminal, be it iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.are the basic ones such as, for example, unplugging the power, do not use abrasive liquids or bleach, or submerge the product in the liquid, nor take said humidity to openings in the device, etc.

The cases can also be cleaned, but be very careful with the electronic components and openings, connectors, etc. as can be the case of a battery case for the iPhone, or the keyboard case for iPads.

In no case should you use cleaning or abrasive liquids with strong odors, or submerge the product in any type of liquid. It is always better to use a damp cloth and use gentle movements to clean it.

These tips and recommendations can be extrapolated to any device or mobile or tablet case. In addition, disinfectant wipes are also used in everyday life for hands, for example.

Another important detail is to use biodegradable wipes and not throw them down the WC, but rather in the bin. Otherwise we will be annoying more than solving.

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