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Pokémon Go: measures against the coronavirus
Pokémon Go: measures against the coronavirus

Pokémon Go is also affected by the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, and has made the decision to cancel Abra's Community Day , while implementing some measures to help those who preferplay without leaving home

Almost all the mechanics of Pokémon Go require walking from one side of the city to the other, something that clashes with the recommendations against the coronavirus, since staying at home and reducing contact with other people will slow down the spread.

Pokémon Go measurements during these days include:

  1. Pack of 30 incense for 1 pokécoin (you can only buy one).
  2. The incenses will last 1 hour.
  3. PokeStops and Gyms will give out more gifts.
  4. Increase in wild Pokémon.

The incenses serve to attract Pokémon around the player, so they make it possible to capture them without leaving our home, with a pack of 30 incense at a symbolic price. Also, with an increase in wild Pokémon, it's possible for them to appear in areas where they weren't before.

Pokémon Go: measures against the coronavirus
Pokémon Go: measures against the coronavirus

On the other hand, the greater number of gifts in pokéstops and gyms will prevent you from walking more to get them, which can be considered a measure against the coronavirus.

The cancellation of the Community Day dedicated to Abra makes a lot of sense, since it is an event of only 3 hours during which many fans they would gather in parks and public squares, so it posed a significant risk.

Most of the Pokémon Go Community Days in 2020 were recently leaked, but with the coronavirus, changes to the calendar are likely.

Events and raids are maintained

Despite the coronavirus crisis, Pokémon Go maintains its events with raids, which require gathering with other people to defeat opponents especially powerful.

It is true that the vast majority of raids (or "raids" in English) are outdoors and do not require excessive closeness between the players, but they are still a reason to leave home without the need.

In any case, the dates have been extended, to avoid crowds:

  1. Cobalion with Holy Sword attack (shiny chance) from March 18 to 23.
  2. Lugia with Aerojet attack (possibility of shiny) from March 25 to 31.
  3. Genesect research (cost 8.99 euros) from March 20 to 26.

Perhaps the greatest incentive to play Pokémon Go at home is that the first season of the Combat League begins on March 13 (March 14 in Spain) Go, which allows you to fight against other trainers, and does not require you to move.

It is a good time to set up two Pokémon Go accounts on our mobile, since part of the social interactions required by the game can be simulated if we open another secondary account.

In any case, it is important to play Pokémon Go responsibly during the coronavirus epidemic, avoiding leaving home unnecessarily, Well, Abra's Community Day has precisely been canceled to reduce the spread.

What do you think of the measures that Pokémon Go has taken regarding the coronavirus? Do you think I should cancel the raids to discourage fans from leaving home and infecting each other?

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