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10 mobile games to stay at home
10 mobile games to stay at home

In the application stores there are many games that we may not know about. Below we will show you 10 games to enjoy without having to leave home.

Most of us use our mobile phones on a daily basis. The uses we give to the mobile vary greatly depending on the person, but in addition to calling or consulting social networks, there is the possibility of playing a multitude of games on the mobile.

We already anticipate that throughout this article, we will see different games belonging to a multitude of different themes.

Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle

Sonic is one of the most mythical characters in video game history, but that doesn't mean that Sonic hasn't evolved and is available in the app store. The The object of the game is to reach the finish line first by collecting as many rings as possible and using special abilities.

There are different characters in the game who have different abilities. The more we use a character, the more experience and levels he will reach in order to have increasingly effective abilities.

Pokémon Masters

If you're a Pokémon fan, we're sure Pokémon Masters will appeal to you. It is the first Pokémon game designed for mobile phones As in other titles in the original Pokémon saga, the end of the game is Get the medal of all the gyms and thus win the Pokémon League.

Along the way, we can carry out Pokémon battles and thus maximize our chances of winning. Pokémon Masters allows you to explore the Passio region with friends and battle other trainers from other parts of the world in real time.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is one of Nintendo's most classic titles. Now Animal Crossing comes to our smartphone, on a map where we can create our own businesses and play with our friends online.

Animal Crossing is an open world game with which we can carry out a multitude of missions and create towns to our liking. It should be noted that it is a video game that is updated a lot, so there are seasonal events where we can get special objects.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG is a title that we have talked about on occasion because it is one of the most popular Battle Royale both in its desktop version as well as its mobile version along with Fornite or Call of Duty Mobile.

Battle Royale is a theme such as Role-playing, which is based on the release of a large number of players at the same timeThe purpose of the game is to kill the enemies and become the only survivor on the map. For the players to group together, certain areas are delimited so that we can find ourselves inside them, otherwise they will subtract our life until we are eliminated.

FIFA Soccer

If soccer is our passion, an essential game on our mobile must be FIFA Soccer. This is a free title in which we can sign players and create our own game strategies We can also challenge friends and Compete with other players in Ultimate Team.

In the end it is a video game that is more technical and strategic than skill, since depending on the players, the physical form, the chips… we may or may not, become in the winner of titles like the Champions League.

Parchis Star

Parchís is a well-known board game, now we can play it online and with friends from our smartphone Although it may seem surprising, Parcheesi Star is a really popular game. It has a fairly simple and intuitive interface that allows us to play online with our friends, either in teams or individually.

Asph alt 9: Legends

If we like video games about cars, we may know Asph alt 9: Legends It corresponds to the last title of the saga. The game graphics are very good, we can play locally, but also online so we can challenge our friends.

As we can imagine, the objective of the game is to win the race and as we win races, we can gradually improve the car. It's an entertaining game for motor enthusiasts, although we recommend having a mobile phone with reliable hardware to be able to play it without any kind of problem.

Just Dance Now

Just Dance is a mythical title typical of consoles more than mobile phones, although with this game we can have a good time dancing with our friends. It should be noted that we can play both over WiFi and with mobile data, but we need a constant Internet connection.

The game is free, but it has some limitations that we can get rid of when we want by purchasing add-ons within the game play. Just Dance Now can be connected to almost any screen, so that our mobile can serve as a reference to the game and rate how well we are doing.

Mario Kart Tour


Although we have already talked about Asph alt 9: Legends, the Mario Kart Tour is a different concept from the previous one. In this case, we can choose some of the many legendary Mario Kart characters such as Mario, Luigi or Toad, among others.

Each car is configurable with different accessories such as hang glider that will be useful for when we rise on a ramp, to gain speed. Depending on which model we choose, it is possible that some skills may be added to or subtracted, so we must choose carefully, as is the case in the title Mario Kart 7, available for consoles.

It has a online multiplayer mode for up to 7 people, in order to challenge our friends and users from other parts of the world.

Mixed 2

While we already talked in depth about Mezcladitos 2 when it was released, we'll take a quick look at what it's all about. Mezcladitos 2 is a game from the creators of Apalabrados in which we have to form multiple words before our opponent does on a 4x4 board

We can also make use of various enhancers that will help us to score more points and thus be able to beat our opponent.

These are some games that can be useful to us since it is not necessary to leave the house to get any type of bonus as it happens in other games titles such as Pokemon Go.

What do you think of the compilation? Did you know any of them?

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